Zelensky Uses a Trans Man to Intimidate Those Who Oppose the War

Just when you think you have seen and heard it all, Zelensky named an unhinged transgender American as the official English-speaking spokesman of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A former United States male soldier who now goes by the name of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo donned a poorly fitting blonde wig and posted … Continue reading Zelensky Uses a Trans Man to Intimidate Those Who Oppose the War

Willing to Fight for the Truth

You Should Know Those Who Are Fighting Against the Transgender Revolution These days, the faithful are bombarded with a never-ending stream of reports about the transgender revolution and how they are to be tolerant even though they know the principles are evil; it is good to hear about some who are fighting back.  Catholics today … Continue reading Willing to Fight for the Truth

Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

God Uses Unlikely Agents to Promote the Good How sad that any meaningful pushback on the out-of-control transgender movement comes from a purchasing public and not any mainstream religious authorities. Only after the Anheuser-Bush debacle of promoting the transgender movement with their recent advertisement showcasing Dylan Mulvaney has there been reported objections to the anti-Christian … Continue reading Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

The Rise of the Transgender Movement

Last time, we exposed who exactly is promoting and financing the transgender movement in our article The Dark Money Behind the Transgender Movement. Today, we examine the sudden rise of this monstrous crusade. In just ten short years, the sterilization and mutilation of psychologically confused children have not only become mainstream but celebrated. How did … Continue reading The Rise of the Transgender Movement

The Dark Money Behind the Transgender Movement

In the wake of the Tennessee school shooting at Covenant Christian by a transgender person who clearly targeted three innocent children and three adults, many are beginning to question the wisdom of so-called “gender-affirming care.” In the shooter’s case, the standard of care may have included the administration of testosterone to a biological woman with … Continue reading The Dark Money Behind the Transgender Movement

Free Will Cannot Topple Natural Law

The Transgender Movement Thinks they Have the Power of God—They Don’t Christians can no longer sit by and ignore the collision between the radical transgender movement and Christian dogma. The battle is not about attacking impressionable people who have either mental illness or some sort of inability to discern the truth. Those individuals certainly need … Continue reading Free Will Cannot Topple Natural Law

Perpetuating the Lie

For all the phony talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion the transgender movement refuses to allow for any differences of opinion. There isn't a ‘live and let live ideology’ as many have claimed, but rather the deceitful movement demands that everyone unilaterally parrot the orthodoxy. A British women’s rights activist named Posie Parker (a.k.a. Kellie-Jay … Continue reading Perpetuating the Lie

Where Misguided Compassion Leads

Someone should tell Lia Thomas and Sam Brinton they really don’t have the power to deny nature If you had any doubt that the gender movement originates from evil desires, consider the following stories from two highly celebrated alphabet activists, William “Lia” Thomas and Sam Brinton.Thomas gained national notoriety when, as a biological male, he … Continue reading Where Misguided Compassion Leads

The Democrats Obsession with Death

 If by an unfortunate chance you happen to live in a blue state and turn on any local television station, you will see the screen plastered by Democratic candidates promising you, if elected, to protect the right of women to have abortions.  The vast number of commercials during this campaign season comes as no surprise … Continue reading The Democrats Obsession with Death

The Unholy Alliance

Hospital and Schools Working together to foster child AbuseInvestigative journalist, Christopher Rufo, has been reporting on the use of Critical Race Theory in schools for the past few years. Now he has turned his attention to the transgender craze that has seemingly taken over the youth of our nation. In his article, Unholy Alliance, Rufo … Continue reading The Unholy Alliance