Perpetuating the Lie

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For all the phony talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion the transgender movement refuses to allow for any differences of opinion. There isn’t a ‘live and let live ideology’ as many have claimed, but rather the deceitful movement demands that everyone unilaterally parrot the orthodoxy. A British women’s rights activist named Posie Parker (a.k.a. Kellie-Jay Keen) who organizes events called Let Women Speak saw a frightening display of this firsthand. During one of her events in New Zealand, Parker was attacked by an enraged mob of transgender sympathizers that physically surrounded her, screamed obscenities, pelted her with signs, and doused her head with tomato juice.

Posie Parker had to be protected and removed by her security detail. What was her crime? Simply believing the truth that a man can never be a woman no matter what he does to his exterior appearance and dared to say it out loud. Hate to break it to the feminists out there, but the patriarchy and misogyny are still alive and well. The only difference is that now the male chauvinist pigs are wearing size 12 stilettos, wigs, and bright red lipstick. 

One also wonders what has happened to the transgender favorite tagline of “Be Kind”? It does not apply when someone like Posie dares to stray from the narrative and deserves to be severely punished. Unfortunately, some left-leaning and otherwise well-meaning people are still falling for the deception of the transgender movement. It has never been about letting people just be themselves or saving them from suicidal tendencies. Case in point, two highly publicized transgender stories were covered in news in the last few weeks showing the devastation of the great lie that nature can be ignored.

Recall the sad demise of the transgender flight attendant named Kayleigh Scott. To appear to be inclusive and diverse, United Airlines exploited this man’s confusion and pain by featuring him in a commercial in 2020. In the commercial Scott claims, “My life changed for the better when I came to United as a flight attendant. With the support from the company, our business resource group for LBGTQ+ employees, and all of my loving coworkers, I was able to break free of the chains that held me and to this day I am living confidently as my true self.”

Regardless of his new-found appearance, acceptance, and visibility, Scott was still a very unhappy man. On March 23, Scott took his own life after posting an emotional note on social media. What Scott needed was intense psychological and spiritual help, not the enabling of his so-called friends. He needed people who genuinely loved him and would be courageous enough to tell him the truth. He was still in pain, but the remedy the world provided left him just as empty, broken, and unhappy as he was before his transformation.

Another glimpse into the true horror of this unholy crusade is a scene from the TLC show, I Am Jazz. This show has chronicled the life of the poster boy for the transgender movement, Jazz Jennings. In a clip from the current season he has a mental breakdown when talking with his mother. He says, I just want to feel like myself. All I want is to be happy and feel like me, and I don’t feel like me, ever.”  This is after he too was exploited for years by his parents and the corporate media station The Learning Channel (TLC), owned by Warner Brothers Discovery. Jennings has since had four surgeries and countless cross-hormone treatments since he first transitioned at age five. No wonder he does not feel like himself. As a young boy, they administered puberty blockers and pumped him full of estrogen which has led to a 100 lb. weight gain. And if that is not bad enough, his male body parts were surgically removed.  

The sad stories about Scott and Jazz living a lie are becoming all too common and these poor souls have found out the hard way that pretending they are something they are not will never heal their inner pain. For those who perpetuate the lie like Jazz’s mother who traded her son’s life for money is nothing short of despicable. Nature can only be mocked so long before the truth surfaces, and in its wake, a valley of tears and devastation.

One has to feel immense pity for these young men who have been manipulated and tricked by an evil movement that has at its root the denunciation of God and the beauty of his creation. No one is born in the wrong body.

You formed my inmost being;

You knit me in my mother’s womb.

I praise you because you are wonderfully made;

Wonderful are your works!

My very self you know.  Psalm 139:13-14 

GMC’s previous articles Where Misguided Compassion Leads and Where Temptation Thrives: The Dessert have both spoken extensively about this topic. Continue to educate yourself and your loved ones on the dangers of this movement and begin to speak out against it at home, work, and social events. Do not be afraid to fight deception, know that it is the core of evil itself. One day people will scratch their heads in wonder at how society allowed young people to be mutilated and sterilized in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Fight for the truth and hopefully, we can save more lives from tragic endings.

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