The Rise of the Transgender Movement

Last time, we exposed who exactly is promoting and financing the transgender movement in our article The Dark Money Behind the Transgender Movement. Today, we examine the sudden rise of this monstrous crusade. In just ten short years, the sterilization and mutilation of psychologically confused children have not only become mainstream but celebrated. How did this happen?

It all began in 2014 with the TIME Magazine cover of Laverne Cox, star of the NetFlix series Orange is the New Black. TIME’s accompanying article, entitled The Transgender Tipping Point, painted this actor as a bullied theater kid who was finally out of the closet and fighting what TIME deemed was, “America’s next civil rights frontier.” The next year, Bruce Jenner was given his time in the limelight with a Vanity Fair cover. It is telling how he had to hide his massive male hands behind his back for this photoshoot to seem even remotely believable. Jenner also received Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award. Shortly thereafter, the TLC reality show, I am Jazz, first aired chronicling the saga of a boy who thought he was a girl. Since then, we have been bombarded non-stop by a constant barrage of gender ideology.

Typically, genuine human civil rights movements are hatched from the bottom up – the “grassroots” as it is referred to in the political sphere. When oppressed people have finally had enough, they slowly over the course of many decades demand fair treatment. However, the transgender ascendancy appears to have been initiated not by the poor and oppressed, but by the wealthiest, most privileged members of our society. How else can one explain the sudden convergence of big finance, big pharma, big tech, academia, the medical establishment, worldwide governments, politicians, and international corporations/law firms all echoing the exact same narrative? Is it reasonable to believe that all these organizations suddenly felt the intense pain of a very small segment of the population (0.002% – 0.014%) struggling with body identity confusion?

Why haven’t those who suffer from anorexia nervosa or body integrity disorder (an irrational desire to amputate healthy limbs) received the same treatment? Are any of the people who suffer from these maladies featured on magazine covers, given parades, celebrated, or awarded lucrative corporate sponsorships? Of course not, and activist Jennifer Bilek, author of the 11th Hour Blog which exposes the demonic underbelly of the transgender movement, does not think this has been coincidental. In her article Humanity for Sale, Bilek states, To believe that all our institutions and laws are being rapidly changed because powerful corporate entities care about people who have body dysmorphia is an absurdity so great that in believing it, we might as well live inside a global cult.”

Bilek goes on to say that society has been groomed to accept the absurdity that a man can be a woman, or a woman a man through the manipulation of our language. She states, For a decade, a progressive-coded language of body dissociation has taken shape simultaneously on the landscape of multiple Western civilizations. Terms such as gender identity, transitioning, body dysphoria, pregnant men, cervix havers, gender binary, and sexual “spectra” of various kinds have been relentlessly repeated in the mainstream media. These terms, used repeatedly, dissociate individuals from their sexed realities. They are now embedded into our legal structures under a frame of human rights.”

The grooming has also been systematically imbedded within the educational system. Many of the anti-bullying and sex ed programs that have seen a dramatic rise in the last ten years indoctrinate young children that LGBTQ individuals are the most marginalized sector in human history and convince impressionable children that they have a “human right” to express themselves any way they see fit – including changing their God given biological sex.  These initiatives have been funded by huge LGBTQ NGO’s like GLSEN that receive millions of dollars in dark money.

These programs were intentionally designed to soften up the public to the plight of LGBTQ youth so that no one would be able to speak out against what is an unnatural and disordered lifestyle. The idea that LGBTQ children were committing suicide at alarming rates became the conventional wisdom and from that time on, anyone questioning this claim or the idea you can change your biological sex was summarily silenced by receiving the repugnant “bigot, homophobe, or transphobe” moniker.

The idea of disembodiment (a concept that you can choose your sex) has been written into the law in California and some other states as a human right, thereby driving this ideology into schools, entertainment, and organizations that specifically target children and young adults.  Do you think it is by chance that the rallying cry of the transgender terrorists that assaulted NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines last week was, “Trans rights are human rights?” These useful idiots have been successfully brainwashed into gender ideology and are dutifully parroting the queer elite party line.

Our total concept of life itself and the underpinnings of our society have been completely overhauled in the last decade by this radical, anti-God lobby.  Why should the rest of us have to accommodate this insanity and be forced to lie that men can become women and vice versa? Not only are children being mutilated and sterilized, but those who do transition will also become medical patients for life requiring hormonal prescriptions, corrective surgeries and be forced to live in an artificial shell of a human body. Transgenderism is a classic example of the violation of basic human rights. One is reminded of the timeless lines from Isaiah 5:20.

Woe to those who call evil, good, and good evil,

Who change darkness to light, and light to darkness,

Who Change bitter to sweet, and sweet to bitter.  

This is certainly an uphill climb considering the coordination and collusion of all the richest and most influential power brokers that are pushing this agenda down our throats. However, we do have the truth on our side and with the help of courageous and outspoken public officials, media personalities, clergy, journalists, teachers, librarians, parents, and anyone who cares about preserving the truth, we can beat back this travesty and save our children and grandchildren from falling prey to this evil and demonic movement.

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