Fourth Sunday Easter -Year C

Let’s Spend Some Time with the Acts of the Apostles The Acts of the Apostles is perhaps a little unique in the realm of New Testament witness. It is primarily an historical account after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The words in the Acts of the Apostles convey what happened in the early … Continue reading Fourth Sunday Easter -Year C

Fifth Sunday of Lent-C

Woman Caught in Adultery Jesus was asked by the Pharisees a moral question about a woman caught in adultery. What might you say? Have you ever been a victim?  Have you ever been harmed or unjust words and actions leveled against you?  Have you ever thought or audibly commented what just happened to you is … Continue reading Fifth Sunday of Lent-C

Third Sunday of Lent-C

How can God Exist if there is So Much Suffering and Pain?The question of evil has perplexed humanity from the beginning of time.  Questions have been asked, “How can there be a loving God when there is so much pain, so much suffering?”  Similar but connected questions are, “Did a bad thing happen to a … Continue reading Third Sunday of Lent-C