Solemnity of Christ the King

The Actualization of Discipleship We come to our final week of Ordinary Time, the end of our liturgical year. Next Sunday begins the season of Advent and the spiritual preparation for Christmas.  The two previous Sundays concentrated on the last chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, using parables to highlight the prerequisite and measure of discipleship. The … Continue reading Solemnity of Christ the King

Happy Thanksgiving

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me she would be hosting Thanksgiving at her house for the first time. She was lamenting a bit, looking ahead at how much work a dinner like Thanksgiving entailed. It came about because this year, unlike others, her mother told her she no longer had … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

The Measure of Discipleship

Thirty-Third Sunday-A This Sunday, the Church focuses our attention on the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew's Gospel that concludes the earthly ministerial teachings of Jesus.  In the next chapter of Matthew, Jesus will deliver himself up for our salvation. You may recall last week the parable of the ten bridesmaids, five of whom were “foolish.”  Foolishness … Continue reading The Measure of Discipleship

The Five Foolish Virgins

Thirty-Second Sunday-A In the northern hemisphere, when sunlight diminishes and  leaves fall, nature reminds us of life's fragility. Western culture annually recognizes the change with ghouls and goblins decorating houses and children teasing homeowners with the phrase ‘trick or treat” and demanding the ransom of candy.The next day, the Church celebrates all the saints who … Continue reading The Five Foolish Virgins

Authority is Given to Serve

Thirty-First Sunday-A Jesus addresses the crowd in today’s Gospel, telling them what the abuse of authority looks like. He uses the Pharisees as an example of how those given authority can quickly be perverted by a false sense of worth due to their lofty religious titles. The authority vested in an individual can be an … Continue reading Authority is Given to Serve

The Souls of the Just are in the Hand of God

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed--All Souls Day Yesterday, we honored and venerated all of God’s saints who gladly accepted his grace and lived in his love during their earthly journey. These holy men, women, and children are our examples, and now live eternally with the Trinity and enjoy his beatific vision.  We call … Continue reading The Souls of the Just are in the Hand of God

The Whole Law Depends on Just Two Commandments

Thirtieth Sunday-A The Gospel for this weekend depicts another encounter with Jesus and the Pharisees regarding fundamental precepts of the law. As in previous conversations, the Pharisees proved they were not so much interested in being enlightened as in catching Jesus in contradictions. One of those present with the Pharisees in this passage was a … Continue reading The Whole Law Depends on Just Two Commandments

Give to God What is God’s

Twenty-Ninth Sunday-A There are three reasons why we ask other people questions. One, we ask questions to seek information, direction, or knowledge we do not possess. An example is when a student asks her teacher how she came up with the answer to an algebraic problem. We could say this is a positive use of … Continue reading Give to God What is God’s

Responding to God’s Invitation

28th Sunday of Ordinary Time-A In weeks past, we have heard Jesus’ parables teaching us the expectations of the Kingdom of God. Recall how Jesus told Peter to forgive seventy times seven because God forgives everyone endlessly, and we should emulate his forgiveness. The following week, the lesson was about God’s generosity, which is extended … Continue reading Responding to God’s Invitation

Anarchy Against the Divine

Twenty-Seventh Sunday-A As with last week, Jesus informs the Chief Priests and Elders about the Kingdom of God using a parable, this time about a vineyard and its tenants.  The story begins by describing the owner of the vineyard who tamed the land and provided all the necessary structures to secure a harvest when the … Continue reading Anarchy Against the Divine