The Dark Money Behind the Transgender Movement

In the wake of the Tennessee school shooting at Covenant Christian by a transgender person who clearly targeted three innocent children and three adults, many are beginning to question the wisdom of so-called “gender-affirming care.” In the shooter’s case, the standard of care may have included the administration of testosterone to a biological woman with a history of severe mental illness and grave psychological issues. Many are also waking up to the reality that this movement, which is based on the lie that one can choose their biological sex, is not about human rights, but rather a deep and dark foray into the occult with dark financial ties to elite millionaires and billionaires who support transhumanism.

It is not just conservative Christians that are outraged by the transgender agenda. Lifelong liberal women’s and environmental rights activist, Jennifer Bilek, has had enough of the fantasy of men clearly appropriating and systematically erasing what it means to be a woman – and being recognized and applauded by society for doing so. Bilek, an investigative journalist, now publishes a blog called the 11th Hour which is raising legitimate concerns. She has followed the dark money that has been financing the meteoric rise of this evil and dehumanizing ideology.

Bilek said, “I follow the money and money trails do not lie. They tell you the truth.” She also claims that there has been a concerted effort on the part of both big pharma and tech oligarchs who are working hand in hand with well-funded LGBT organizations to normalize the deconstruction of human biology to pave the way for transhumanism. Transgenderism is laying the groundwork for the merger between humans and machines, and the pesky little facts of human anatomy and biological sex are simply standing in their way.

Through her work, Bilek has unearthed several key players in this movement. It begins with Harvard educated sociologist William Sims Bainbridge who is currently the head of the National Science Foundation and has written about “cyberimmortality” a concept of eternal life through the storage of your thoughts, feelings, and images onto computer servers. He envisions one living forever in some kind of virtual reality.

Another driver is Martine Rothblatt (formerly known as a man named Martin Rothblatt). Rothblatt is highly celebrated in elite circles and is the co-creator of Sirius XM Radio, a lawyer, and a well-renowned tech sector entrepreneur. Rothblatt owns a massive biopharmaceutical company called United Therapeutics (the website itself is super creepy) which promotes the “Unlimited supply of manufactured organs for transplantation.” Rothblatt even founded a new religion called the Terasem Movement whose goal is to create humanized robots that would ultimately be recognized as conscious individuals and receive human civil rights.  He promotes ‘disembodiment’ and he believes that the way to free ourselves from sexual stereotypes is to smash the differences between the two genders. He has been quoted as saying that  “transgenderism is an on ramp to transhumanism.”

See the connection here? Arrogant, highly educated, and successful men (by the standards of the world) grasping at immortality and playing God, without any faith in the promise of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ or the acknowledgement of the Creator are the ones behind the abomination of transgenderism. In an interview with BIG PICTURE by James Patrick, Jennifer Bilek also has connected the dots stating, “Bainbridge’s technological religious cult meets Rothblatt’s fetish and they both take off together and they are both now in the techno medical field, and they drive this religion – and it is a cult.”

Another wealthy transgender influential figure is none other than Jennifer Pritzker (formerly known as a man named James Nicholas Pritzker and a father of three children) who is a Hyatt hotel heir and the cousin of Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker. Through his Tawani Foundation, Jennifer Pritzker is funding gender ideology grants to a variety of medical organizations and other NGO’s that provide “gender affirming care.”  Pritzker also established Tawani Enterprises, an investment arm of his foundation, and has partnered with Squadron Capital LLC to acquire small medical companies that manufacture surgical implements and plastic implants that ostensibly will be in high demand the more children and young adults are encouraged to undergo sex reassignment surgeries. This certainly looks like one hand washing the other.

Millionaire homosexual computer software programmer, Tim Gill, the founder of the Gill Foundation is another wealthy influencer; as is billionaire homosexual, Jon Stryker, the founder of the Arcus Foundation. These foundations give out millions of dollars to schools, prisons, churches, and community programs with the caveat that they promote and endorse the LGBTQ agenda as a human right. Cash strapped organizations are willing conspirators. Jon Stryker is the heir to Stryker biomedical technology which operates currently in 75 countries and is worth 17 billion dollars. This corporation has an entire neuro technology sector which certainly hints at the possibility of further augmenting the human body with man-made machines.  Finally, whenever you see chaos reigning supervillain George Soros can’t be too far away, and yes, his Open Society foundation has also given millions to promote the LGBTQ lifestyle around the world.

There seems to be a clear pattern emerging with all of these so-called philanthropists. Uber rich guys, some of whom simply inherited immense wealth and privilege, are trying to destroy the very essence of the human person. They also long for immortality and ultimate control of the world – in essence, to be like God.  They are so proud of their own intellect, power, position, and influence that they cannot easily submit to the one true God. This story has been told before, (hint: the fall of Lucifer) and it doesn’t end well for them. All we have to do is listen to the words of the Canticle of Mary:

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;

my spirit rejoices in God my savior.

For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness;

behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed.

The Mighty One has done great things for me,

and holy is his name.

His mercy is from age to age

to those who fear him.

He has shown might with his arm,

dispersed the arrogant of mind and heart.

He has thrown down the rulers from their thrones

but lifted up the lowly.

The hungry he has filled with good things;

the rich he has sent away empty.

He has helped Israel his servant,

remembering his mercy,

according to his promise to our fathers,

to Abraham and to his descendants forever.”

Luke 1:46-53

[Next time we will unpack how in the span of only ten years, the transgender movement has gained such traction in our society.]

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