Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

God Uses Unlikely Agents to Promote the Good

How sad that any meaningful pushback on the out-of-control transgender movement comes from a purchasing public and not any mainstream religious authorities. Only after the Anheuser-Bush debacle of promoting the transgender movement with their recent advertisement showcasing Dylan Mulvaney has there been reported objections to the anti-Christian stance of this lucrative company by none other than beer drinkers.

A good portion of the public who once supported the alcohol giant is now rebelling against the immoral stance the company has taken. From the moment the advertisement went public, Anheuser-Bush has lost over $ 7 billion in market share, a testament to the rejection of their virtue signaling among everyday Americans.   

To stop the bleeding, Anheuser-Bush retreated somewhat by unveiling a new ad showcasing the well-known Budweiser Clydesdale galloping across a grain field and then down a town street, an obvious feigned patriotic response to their faux pas of going woke. Those on social media did not accept the company’s mea culpa very well and began to mock the corporate giant with responses such as: “Is the horse a trans now?”  “How dare you assume it is a horse, it now identifies as a cow,” and, “Trying to inoculate yourself with this ad will work about as well as the mRNA vax.”

Elsewhere, Disney had a similar fate when they produced two movies last year geared toward indoctrinating children into the LGBTQ+ agenda. Both caused a loss for Disney of over 300 million dollars.  One of the two box office flops, an animated feature entitled Strange World, was trying to educate children about sexual preferences through Jaboukie Young-White’s gay main character and his teen romance. The public rejected the cartoon by refusing to spend money, causing Disney to lose nearly 200 million dollars. The other Disney animated film, a spinoff from the four successful Toy Story movies, Lightyear depicted the popular character Buzz Lightyear engaging in a same-sex kiss. The boycott of this film resulted in another loss of $100 million to Disney’s bottom line.

God does use unlikely agents to promote the good. In these cases, the buying public rejects the evil perpetrated by woke and evil corporations. Nowhere can you find any religious authority speaking out against the transgender movement as an adulteration of God’s moral order; it takes the average person who still has a sense of a moral compass to realize the radical movement is anti-Christian and anti-God.

Those in our country who still believe in a higher power have had enough of the virtue signaling of woke and overvalued corporations.  Their sense of decency and the rejection of an immoral lifestyle has come head-to-head with woke corporations. The weapon against evil indoctrination is the pocketbook. The good news is that the moral public has won this battle and stripped the booze and movie giants of some of their profits.

What can be taken from the recent David and Goliath battle of morality is that current religious leaders are unwilling to ruffle any feathers. By doing so, they have relegated their once laudable positions to irrelevant ones.  Religious leaders no longer lead; in the vacuum, the ordinary God-fearing and believing citizen must step up and lead the moral crusade.  The timidity of the bishops and elders of churches who are commissioned to denounce all that is evil and promote the ideals of Christianity have failed in their mission. Continuing to be silent on an important moral question means these religious leaders are not placing any moral roadblocks against the trans movement and, in effect, are helping it gain more ground.

The recent Budweiser event begs a couple of questions. Will those ordinary people who have had enough of the virtue signaling be enough to shame the religious leaders into action? Will the clergy and ministers in parishes and churches be given the opportunity and encouraged to speak out about the demonic influences supporting the rejection of creation and the mocking of God’s divine plan?

So far, we see God’s providence displayed through ordinary lay people boycotting companies trying to make money off evil, just as Virginia Clemm suggested in her last post, Resistance to Evil is Never Futile. Who would have thought? Every time the Our Father is prayed, the phrase, “Thy will be done,” is uttered, and true to its promise, it is happening through the agency of lay people who have had enough of the woke and evil agenda of the transgender radical movement.  

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