Sleight of Hand to Seize More Power

The Left is power-drunk and will not cease until they are stopped From the Romans to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the desire to hold on to power by subjugating its citizens and enemies is well documented in history.Only a short time ago, most people were unaware or simply did not … Continue reading Sleight of Hand to Seize More Power

Local and Regional Banks Beware

The Feds have no plans to insure your big depositors It certainly looks like the Biden regime is trying to consolidate power into the hands of a few large, well-connected banks. Why do we surmise this? All one has to do is listen to the testimony of Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Secretary. During a Senate … Continue reading Local and Regional Banks Beware

When ESG and the Markets Collide

In our last post, Wokeness Broke Silicon Valley Bank, we gave some background on the history of Silicon Valley Bank’s risky investments coupled with its ESG management style. A company that adopts the ESG paradigm receives a relative score which is supposed to provide current and future investors with its overall commitment and cult-like adherence … Continue reading When ESG and the Markets Collide

Wokeness Broke Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank’s Malfeasance [Editor’s note: In our two-part series we first chronicle the history behind the Silicon Valley Bank’s demise and the risky investments compounded by the ESG management policy. Freedom-loving citizens have to worry about the federal government using the crisis to further erode their freedom by moving ever closer to a digitized … Continue reading Wokeness Broke Silicon Valley Bank

Is the January 6th Footage the Straw That Will Break Your Camel’s Back?

Your Government Has Proven time and time again to be UntrustworthyIt appears no matter how much evidence is revealed contrary to the government’s narrative, the hardcore leftists of the country are unable to acquiesce to some undisputable facts surfacing from events of the past six years. Mary Accipiter in her post, No Longer Capable of … Continue reading Is the January 6th Footage the Straw That Will Break Your Camel’s Back?

No Longer Capable of seeing the Truth

What We Are Experiencing is Nothing NewThe following excerpt is from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans – Chapter 1:18-24The wrath of God is indeed being revealed from heaven against every impiety and wickedness of those who suppress the truth by their wickedness. For what can be known about God is evident to them because God made … Continue reading No Longer Capable of seeing the Truth

Where Misguided Compassion Leads

Someone should tell Lia Thomas and Sam Brinton they really don’t have the power to deny nature If you had any doubt that the gender movement originates from evil desires, consider the following stories from two highly celebrated alphabet activists, William “Lia” Thomas and Sam Brinton.Thomas gained national notoriety when, as a biological male, he … Continue reading Where Misguided Compassion Leads

Women Who Need a Catechism Lesson

Sorry Ladies, Abortion is NOT a Christian Value Prominent entertainers publicly supporting the slaughter of unborn babies under the pretext of “mercy” and “Christian values” is an outrageous new form of gaslighting that we are regrettably being subjected to by the mainstream media. One is reminded of the timeless verse from the Prophet Isaiah: Ah! … Continue reading Women Who Need a Catechism Lesson

Time to Set Up the Trust Fund

Our previous post decried the lack of any comments from the parishioners of the Church of Climate Change to the latest environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. Compounding the issue, the Biden Administration apparently cares more about sending money to Ukraine rather than the poor community in the northwest corner of Ohio. It wasn’t until … Continue reading Time to Set Up the Trust Fund

Environmentalists Where are You?

The Religion of Climate Change Has Nothing to say On Friday, Feb. 3 a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed in East Palestine, OH. The train was hauling a series of dangerous chemicals and eleven of the thirty-eight cars that derailed were carrying hazardous materials. The most notably aboard was vinyl chloride which has been associated with … Continue reading Environmentalists Where are You?