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it's all about human freedom and fulfillment

Good Moral Compasses is a site dedicated to assist Catholics and Christians to refine their own moral compasses by calibrating them more closely to God’s objective Truth. The more a moral compass is in harmony with the truth, the more a life is free and fulfilled.  

Too common is the belief that a person’s spiritual life is something very distinct from other aspects of life. Human existence is not one-dimensional. Every person whether they are aware or not, simultaneously live in a physical and spiritual realm because of the unbreakable bond between body and soul.


But more than an unbreakable bond, is a fundamental premise and belief: Human beings are created, not randomly, but through love in the image and likeness of God. What it means to be created by God is an affinity by our very nature to the Divine, the source of Truth and Goodness.

The affinity to God enables every person to hear and understand the Truth, the basic element of every moral compass. When the truth is presented, it acts as a lure, drawing them deeper into the mystery which is the ongoing relationship between the Creator and his beloved creatures.

The choice of using the plural form of compass is intentional for it reflects a better representation of the physical and spiritual aspects of human life.
Moral compasses are sometimes difficult to discern. Evil forces in our world are constantly distorting the Truth and presenting to the unsuspecting a new and progressive advancement of human intellect and free will. Human beings will never advance civilization in a positive way without the Truth and help of God.

The struggle for moral clarity is not new, it has its origins at the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden.

It was there our first parents were tricked in to believing and acting on a falsehood, the words of Satan contorting the Truth for his selfish gain.

At that dreadful moment, human freedom was compromised. Hope was restored to humanity by the obedience of God’s Son who redeemed them and showed them the way to a moral life which is the only way to be truly free and fulfilled.

“You will know the truth and the truth will make you free”

Jn 8:32

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