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In an age where a moral life is often denigrated and progressive ideas are promoted, it is time for good-hearted people to resist the many falsehoods of the present culture now taken as truth.

One thing for certain, there are more virtuous people than evil ones in our world.  Unfortunately, those who promote deviant behavior are a lot more vocal and active of their beliefs. It has taken years for the culture devolve; it will take some time to restore it.

By recommending Good Moral Compasses to family and friends, you join a team of Christians who want to hear the truth, know it, and live more fulfilled lives. Isn’t that what you want for your own life and then one’s you love? We sure do, that is why we exist in the first place.

The service we provide from Good Moral Compasses is for your benefit.  We take seriously Jesus’ mandate to his Apostles.  He told them to go out into the world proclaiming “the kingdom is at hand” and the truth they received without cost from Jesus needs to be preached, without charge (Mt. 10:8). As present-day disciples we are all called to proclaim the truth and present it to the world.

One easy way of giving freely is to recommend Good Moral Compasses to family and friends. You will soon find the articles thought provoking and based on sound Catholic and moral principles.

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