A Lesson in Courage

The Allied Forces of D-Day Show What Valor Is June 6th marked the seventy-ninth anniversary of D-Day, one of World War II's most bloody encounters, changing that war's trajectory in favor of the Allied forces. On June 6, 1944, approximately 160,000 Allied troops from the United States, Canada, and Britain dutifully landed on a beach … Continue reading A Lesson in Courage

The Courageous Who Gave their Lives

In our last post, Good Moral Compasses suggested that losing tradition devastates any culture and civilization. One such tradition losing its meaning is Memorial Day because neither the rationale nor the purpose has been taught in detail for numerous years. Even older individuals who should know better have forgotten the sacrifice men and women have … Continue reading The Courageous Who Gave their Lives

The Loss of Tradition

Tradition Weds the Past and Present to Form an Unbroken Chain of Human Experience There was something true when Tevye in The Fiddler on the Roof sang the song “Tradition.” His character was lamenting that the people of his time were disregarding their traditions, making them unable to discern how God wanted them to live. … Continue reading The Loss of Tradition

The Border is Secure for Half

The Domesticated dogs of the illegal aliens are the only ones Kept From entering the Country When the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was reported as saying the southern border of the United States was secure, his statement was only half true. Over 6.3 million and counting are the number of individuals who have … Continue reading The Border is Secure for Half

More Than Just a Dangerous Fad

Paul Stanley, the rhythm guitarist for the rock band Kiss, shared his opinion about the transgender debate saying he thought it to be a dangerous fad. You may recall that the band Kiss pushed the envelope of cultural acceptance for two decades. The band was recognizable by the black and white face paint and dazzling … Continue reading More Than Just a Dangerous Fad

Are We Seeing the End of Cable News?

The Future is in small independent news sites The talk of the town is the split between Fox News and their most-watched news talent, Tucker Carlson. Although there has been much conjecture by pundits about the reasons for the break, what is known is very little. On Monday, Fox News put out a vague statement … Continue reading Are We Seeing the End of Cable News?

Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

God Uses Unlikely Agents to Promote the Good How sad that any meaningful pushback on the out-of-control transgender movement comes from a purchasing public and not any mainstream religious authorities. Only after the Anheuser-Bush debacle of promoting the transgender movement with their recent advertisement showcasing Dylan Mulvaney has there been reported objections to the anti-Christian … Continue reading Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

Impeachment Number 3

Trump’s Indictment Is All About Marxists Flexing Their Muscle Typically, when a former President leaves office, his bully pulpit retires with him. It happened with George W. and Obama and with all their predecessors. Partly, it is due to the short attention span of the public and the editorial decisions of mainstream media outlets. Do … Continue reading Impeachment Number 3

Sleight of Hand to Seize More Power

The Left is power-drunk and will not cease until they are stopped From the Romans to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the desire to hold on to power by subjugating its citizens and enemies is well documented in history.Only a short time ago, most people were unaware or simply did not … Continue reading Sleight of Hand to Seize More Power

Wokeness Broke Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank’s Malfeasance [Editor’s note: In our two-part series we first chronicle the history behind the Silicon Valley Bank’s demise and the risky investments compounded by the ESG management policy. Freedom-loving citizens have to worry about the federal government using the crisis to further erode their freedom by moving ever closer to a digitized … Continue reading Wokeness Broke Silicon Valley Bank