Steve Friend Does Have a Conscience

Last week Good Moral Compasses (GMC) opined about the moral vicissitude of the rank and file FBI agents participating in the ongoing political raids against American citizens who defy the Democratic leftist machine. Rightly, GMC questioned how agents vowed to uphold the Constitution could participate in such raids, for without them, the practice of punishing … Continue reading Steve Friend Does Have a Conscience

FBI and DOJ, What Happened to Your Consciences?

A couple of days ago the "pillow man,” Mike Lindell was detained by the FBI at a fast-food restaurant and was issued a subpoena  from the Colorado Grand Jury demanding he turn over his phone.  Lindell has been exercising his First Amendment right to speak out against the ruling class. Apparently, the FBI and the … Continue reading FBI and DOJ, What Happened to Your Consciences?

Another Leak? Spare Me

Recently, the struggling Washington Post published an exclusive story about a leak generated from the Department of Justice indicating the Trump raid yielded a document about a foreign country’s military and nuclear capabilities.  What exactly the document revealed is unknown, other than the vague description of highly, highly, highly, super extra duty top secret. I … Continue reading Another Leak? Spare Me

CDC’s Ugly Stepchild

The CDC is now Weaponized by ASPRRight under the nose of most American citizens, the Biden Administration became the midwife to the new ugly stepchild of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The new offspring is called, the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). The new department has been created under the … Continue reading CDC’s Ugly Stepchild

Major Automaker Bucking the Pressure

The Largest Producer of Autos in the US has no EV'sThe latest gargantuan legislation just signed into law called the Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes buyers of new electric vehicles (EV) with a rebate of $7500.  In order to receive the rebate, the new EV must be assembled in the United States.  Quite humorously, the Ford … Continue reading Major Automaker Bucking the Pressure

The Rosary as a Weapon—Of Course

No Fool Like a Marxists FoolThe Atlantic just published an article from a easily forgotten author from Toronto Canada drawing a correlation between the rosary and those who would use an AR-15 rifle to commit violent attacks. He claims online photos depict the rosary positioned next to the gun and surmises the rosary has now … Continue reading The Rosary as a Weapon—Of Course

The Greatest Scam in World History

COVID Vaccinations Had Nothing to Do with Public Health When it was reported that Joe Biden was infected with COVID after receiving two vaccines and two boosters even the most ardent water carriers of the vaccine propaganda began to question the efficacy of the shots. More information is now coming forward showing the fraud behind … Continue reading The Greatest Scam in World History

Created Crisis Divides America

The Good News its not workingA jaw dropping poll was released recently indicating 74% of voters believe the country is on the wrong track due to the Biden Administration’s policies.   Fuel costs are surging with no expected let up soon. Inflation is  officially reported to be 8.6% while qualified analysists claim the government is using … Continue reading Created Crisis Divides America