Is Advent an Outdated Concept?

In all honesty, the season of Advent rarely takes center stage in most Christian's lives. The idea of waiting for Jesus to come at Christmas or the end of the world is a tough sell. The average person who has a family or job or is in school experiences the month of December as one … Continue reading Is Advent an Outdated Concept?

When Did We Stop Teaching Empathy

As the pictures and videos begin trickling out from the hostage prisoner exchange in Gaza, the heart-wrenching images of children are nothing short of disturbing. Once innocent and happy children come home quite differently with a less than favorable prognosis for their future.  Undoubtedly, fifty-plus days in captivity, coupled with how they were abducted, will … Continue reading When Did We Stop Teaching Empathy

The War on Truth Has Another Casualty

Traditional Catholics have undoubtedly heard the news this past weekend that the Bishop of Tyler, Texas, Joseph Strickland, was personally removed from apostolic assignment by Pope Francis. The removal came after an Apostolic Visitation in June investigating Strickland and the administration of his diocese. The Vatican gave no specific reason for Strickland’s removal, a pattern … Continue reading The War on Truth Has Another Casualty

The Scapegoat Culture

The recent Israeli and Hamas conflict has unearthed some astonishing reactions, especially from students and faculty at many of the country’s colleges and universities.  It has opened the eyes of many, perhaps much to their astonishment. Radical thinking in higher education is nothing new, but what is different from the past is the direct support … Continue reading The Scapegoat Culture

True Misinformation is Dangerous

One of the great tools the left uses to promote their insidious policies is projection. Using the mainstream media as a worldwide megaphone, the left has learned to accuse their opponents of something they are guilty of doing.  The tactic works almost every time because the left correctly assumes that the mostly uninformed public doesn’t … Continue reading True Misinformation is Dangerous

American Complicity in Hamas’ Brutality

The Islamic Jihad Gains Strength Again with Taxpayer's Money The recent invasion by Hamas from Gaza into northern Israel this weekend should be of great concern to all Americans because the Biden Administration’s foreign policy has aided bad actors to rear their ugly heads again. The reigniting of the turmoil in the Middle East is … Continue reading American Complicity in Hamas’ Brutality

Children Are Missing All Over America

Over 1,000 Children Missing in Northern Ohio Mary Accipiter previously asked an obvious question after the Hawaii fire disaster, “Where are all the children in Maui?  Her question was stimulated by the enormous number of children not returning to school after the tragedy. Speculation replaces facts because the information from government officials and media is … Continue reading Children Are Missing All Over America

Marxism: The Definition of Insane

Young Argentinians Are Rejecting Marxism in Record Numbers Albert Einstein’s familiar adage about doing the same thing repeatedly and seeking a different result is a definition of insanity. Nothing better describes the Marxist philosophy from the Bolshevik revolution to the present. Generation after generation, the Marxist doctrine has preached a utopian society if the masses … Continue reading Marxism: The Definition of Insane

Christians Should Seek Peace, Not War, Mr. Pence

The Former Vice President Wants to Send American Troops to Ukraine Former Vice President Mike Pence is a candidate seeking to get the Republican nomination for President of the United States. In recent polling, Pence has only reached 4.7% support from likely Republican voters.  He is the same person who once told a reporter that … Continue reading Christians Should Seek Peace, Not War, Mr. Pence

Using the Hawaii Disaster to Send More Cash to Ukraine

Ukraine Needs Peace Talks, Not More Money Last week, Virginia Clemm wrote Something Rotten in the State of Hawaii, questioning the government’s response to the worst fire death toll in American history. New evidence is coming to light that may answer some of the government's apparent failures surrounding this tragedy and its connection with additional … Continue reading Using the Hawaii Disaster to Send More Cash to Ukraine