Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

God Uses Unlikely Agents to Promote the Good How sad that any meaningful pushback on the out-of-control transgender movement comes from a purchasing public and not any mainstream religious authorities. Only after the Anheuser-Bush debacle of promoting the transgender movement with their recent advertisement showcasing Dylan Mulvaney has there been reported objections to the anti-Christian … Continue reading Religious Leaders Have Lost Their Voice, But Not the Consumer

You Should be Turning Red

A Review of Disney’s New FilmLast week Good Moral Compasses made a convincing case to dump Disney as the company’s actions are directly attacking the psychological and emotional well-being of children. You can read these articles Time to Dump Disney & Disney Hurting Children for an in-depth analysis.Now we provide our readers with more proof … Continue reading You Should be Turning Red

Disney Hurting Children

Walt Disney must be turning in his grave. In 1928, Walt Disney created the cartoon character Mickey Mouse to entertain children with lighthearted and morally accepted story lines. Soon after the rise of the famous Mouse many other well-known characters followed as the popularity of the Disney brand grew exponentially. Riding on the wave of … Continue reading Disney Hurting Children