Evil Can Only Be Ugly

Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz, shocked the world when he boldly labeled pro-abortion protestors, “odious and ugly” during a Turning Point USA Student Action Summit a few weeks ago.  While it appears that he was mostly commenting on the protestors’ physical appearance, he’s not wrong and here’s why. The pro-choice protestors are ugly and odious because … Continue reading Evil Can Only Be Ugly

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

Wherever your treasure lies, there your heart will be.Remember back when you could afford and willingly deposited your hard-earned cash into a savings account for use in years to come. It may have been a 401K or similar financial instrument offered by your employer.  After a few years in a regular market scenario, you begin … Continue reading Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

Canada and the Culture of Death

The Mentally Ill are Encouraged to Be Euthanized Justin Trudeau’s radical nihilistic government is at it again. This time instead of targeting hard working truckers who refused to take an experimental and ineffective gene serum, Trudeau’s government is now after the mentally ill. During March of this year, the Canadian government announced new criteria for … Continue reading Canada and the Culture of Death

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time -C

"Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.”Aren’t we a lot like Martha by being anxious and upset about many things? It seems to be a universal human response. If it is universal and human to be anxious and upset, then why did Jesus chide Martha for her reaction to her sister’s unwillingness … Continue reading 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time -C


Farmers in the Netherlands are fed up, and rightly so. According to U.S. News and World Report, the Dutch government is trying to slash nitrogen emissions and ammonia levels in half by 2030. In order to achieve this lofty goal, the use of chemical fertilizer will be reduced and the number of livestock on Dutch … Continue reading “Green”=Depopulation

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

Mercy has a Physical as well as a Spiritual Aspect The Gospel reading this weekend is a dialogue between a lawyer and Jesus about how a person can attain eternal life. Jesus does not answer directly, but directs the lawyer to the Law and beckons him to recite the verse. The lawyer well acquainted in … Continue reading 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

July 4th is All About Human Freedom

Human Freedom is from God and the Foundation of our CountryThis weekend our nation celebrates the 246th anniversary of its independence from England. The Fourth of July is set apart from the rest of the year with parades, flags, cookouts and fireworks, for those municipalities who still value the importance of the day. It is … Continue reading July 4th is All About Human Freedom

The Birth of the New Robber Barons

Corporate Funding of Abortions is the key to corporate power and control of WomenIn response to the historic reversal of Roe v. Wade, many woke corporations have offered to provide their employees stipends for travel to seek abortions out of state, if the state they currently reside in does not have legal access.  These corporate … Continue reading The Birth of the New Robber Barons

Abortion: fifty years of lies

An Open Letter to all Women Born After 1973Unfortunately, you were born in the time after Roe v. Wade, which egregiously declared a purported constitutional right to an abortion in 1973.  Since the time you could intellectually and emotionally understand what an abortion was, you have been fed a steady diet of feminist propaganda and … Continue reading Abortion: fifty years of lies