The Bishop of Rome Cloaked in Green

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP28, will be held from November 30th until December 12th in Dubai. The stated purpose of this gathering is taken directly from the United Nations Climate Change website and is as follows:To put it simply, the COP is where the world comes together to agree on ways … Continue reading The Bishop of Rome Cloaked in Green

When Did We Stop Teaching Empathy

As the pictures and videos begin trickling out from the hostage prisoner exchange in Gaza, the heart-wrenching images of children are nothing short of disturbing. Once innocent and happy children come home quite differently with a less than favorable prognosis for their future.  Undoubtedly, fifty-plus days in captivity, coupled with how they were abducted, will … Continue reading When Did We Stop Teaching Empathy

Solemnity of Christ the King

The Actualization of Discipleship We come to our final week of Ordinary Time, the end of our liturgical year. Next Sunday begins the season of Advent and the spiritual preparation for Christmas.  The two previous Sundays concentrated on the last chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, using parables to highlight the prerequisite and measure of discipleship. The … Continue reading Solemnity of Christ the King

Happy Thanksgiving

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me she would be hosting Thanksgiving at her house for the first time. She was lamenting a bit, looking ahead at how much work a dinner like Thanksgiving entailed. It came about because this year, unlike others, her mother told her she no longer had … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Megan Rapinoe: A Sad Tale of Self-Absorption

In A Twisted Way, Rapinoe Knows There is a God by trying to Cancel Him. Often, the true character of someone is most evident when faced with adversity. How they respond and what lesson is learned from the struggle tells us a lot about the person they truly are. Difficulties come to all of us … Continue reading Megan Rapinoe: A Sad Tale of Self-Absorption

The Measure of Discipleship

Thirty-Third Sunday-A This Sunday, the Church focuses our attention on the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew's Gospel that concludes the earthly ministerial teachings of Jesus.  In the next chapter of Matthew, Jesus will deliver himself up for our salvation. You may recall last week the parable of the ten bridesmaids, five of whom were “foolish.”  Foolishness … Continue reading The Measure of Discipleship

The White Martyrdom of Bishop Strickland

The news of Bishop Joseph Strickland’s removal has sent shock waves throughout the Catholic world. A Vatican spokesman never released a reason for his untimely dismissal from the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. There were rumors of “administrative” issues and disgruntled employees, but other than that, the justification for his demise seems to be, on the … Continue reading The White Martyrdom of Bishop Strickland

The War on Truth Has Another Casualty

Traditional Catholics have undoubtedly heard the news this past weekend that the Bishop of Tyler, Texas, Joseph Strickland, was personally removed from apostolic assignment by Pope Francis. The removal came after an Apostolic Visitation in June investigating Strickland and the administration of his diocese. The Vatican gave no specific reason for Strickland’s removal, a pattern … Continue reading The War on Truth Has Another Casualty

The Five Foolish Virgins

Thirty-Second Sunday-A In the northern hemisphere, when sunlight diminishes and  leaves fall, nature reminds us of life's fragility. Western culture annually recognizes the change with ghouls and goblins decorating houses and children teasing homeowners with the phrase ‘trick or treat” and demanding the ransom of candy.The next day, the Church celebrates all the saints who … Continue reading The Five Foolish Virgins

Topics at the Synod on Synodality

Part 2 The final report itself is a typical academic word salad full of tired leftist clichés, circular reasoning, and politically correct language. Below are just a few of the more problematic excerpts from the report:  On LGBTQ Ideology Sometimes, the anthropological categories we have developed are not sufficient to grasp the complexity of the … Continue reading Topics at the Synod on Synodality