Gen Z – A Generation Without God

Children Born Between Mid 1990’s to 2010 Many political pundits are attributing the young people in Generation Z for pushing the democrats over the finish line in tight midterm races around the country. If the exit polls are accurate, nearly twice as many voters aged 18-29 chose a democrat over a republican candidate. According to … Continue reading Gen Z – A Generation Without God

Christ the King of the Universe

On the last Sunday of the liturgical year, the Church focuses on Jesus as the King of the Universe. The feast asserts that Christ, through his obedience to the Father’s will  is a king who rules over an eternal and universal kingdom. A kingdom of truth and life; a kingdom of holiness and grace; a … Continue reading Christ the King of the Universe

The Lust for Power has No Bounds

The recent midterm elections have been devastating for the pro-life movement. California, Vermont, and Michigan all had propositions on the ballot that have now enshrined abortion into their state constitutions. In both Kentucky and Montana, measures aimed at limiting abortion were also struck down. Michigan’s Proposition 3, euphemistically called Reproductive Freedom for All, which passed with … Continue reading The Lust for Power has No Bounds

Living in Eternity

What’s your point? What are you trying to get at? What’s the bottom line? For so many of us, a long, babbling discourse, without direction or purpose, is difficult to listen to. We can do without all the fluff and window dressing. Just give me the information that’s really going to matter."Teacher, Moses wrote for … Continue reading Living in Eternity

Start Feeling 100% Again

The Dynamic of Reconciliation The story about the small tax collector named Zacchaeus who climbed a tree to see Jesus as he was passing through Jericho, is the focus of our reflection this weekend.  As with all stories in which Jesus personally encounters an individual, the slightest details make a huge difference. The Scripture describes … Continue reading Start Feeling 100% Again

The Democrats Obsession with Death

 If by an unfortunate chance you happen to live in a blue state and turn on any local television station, you will see the screen plastered by Democratic candidates promising you, if elected, to protect the right of women to have abortions.  The vast number of commercials during this campaign season comes as no surprise … Continue reading The Democrats Obsession with Death

The Irony of the Kingdom of God

The irony of a well-known sinner becoming closer to God than a religious figure who lives a religious life and obeys the law, is the point of the parable of the Pharisee and tax collector. Two different moral figures in the Temple praying at the same time. The Pharisee’s monologue (we can hardly call it … Continue reading The Irony of the Kingdom of God