Free Will Cannot Topple Natural Law

The Transgender Movement Thinks they Have the Power of God—They Don’t

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Christians can no longer sit by and ignore the collision between the radical transgender movement and Christian dogma. The battle is not about attacking impressionable people who have either mental illness or some sort of inability to discern the truth. Those individuals certainly need our help, while at the same time, Christians cannot be complicit with any part of the transgender ideology. The conflict is about a belief system, rooted in the reality of human free will and natural law. Both concepts are theological, meaning Christians believe in God who bestows the gift of free will to each person, with the intent that the person works in concert with natural law for his good and the human race.  

From a Christian point of view, freely working in harmony with nature produces prosperity. Likewise, when free will is exercised in opposition to natural law, unintended and disastrous consequences quite often result. Take for example this simple analogy. A person has free will to jump off a ten-story building ignoring the empirical proof of gravity if he so chooses. As soon as the person begins falling to the ground, he will soon find out that the reality of physics has far greater power than his free will.

The transgender philosophy has fallen into the same trap, by attempting to change nature by their will. Free will does not have that type of power, only God does. Their rebellion is about being a creature, and not having the same power as God, and worse, to be answerable to God’s law governing the universe.

The transgender movement wants nothing to do with God. Their rebellion is manifested in attempting to do the impossible, by recreating themselves as something completely different from what they were given at birth. Their exercise of free will against God is nothing new, for every sin committed has the same dynamic.  What is different, is how the disobedience is directed. It is meant to crush the creative process of God by demeaning gender as nothing more than a random thing at birth that can be controlled by a person’s choice. If gender can be changed by willing it, then God has lost his power, and the need to worship or obey him is a moot point.

The atheistic LGBTQ+ message holds a position that a person who has a certain consciousness in opposition to his created nature, must be true to himself and outwardly express it, either through bodily changes, or some type of psychic gender fluidity. To make it even more complicated, proponents of the LGBTQ+ community have come up with new theories of gender identity and gender expression. LBGTQ+ proposes is there can be a myriad of deviations of gender, in direct opposition to thousands of years of human experience maintaining otherwise.  

An adage fits well here, “a person can do almost anything, but ought he?” In times past individuals were governed by a belief system that kept a check on their free will. Certain actions were deemed to be good or evil in comparison to whether they agreed with natural law or defied it. The Ten Commandments helped many people to know what to avoid if they wished to flourish and live in peaceful communities.  Even with these precepts, an individual, at any time, can disobey the commandments by exercising his free will. Most often, it does not turn out too well for them. The commandment not to steal, for instance,  is a stern warning meant to protect the community and the individual at the same time. The commandment does not stop someone from stealing but acts as a guide for the person to discern if the act is in his best interest, or not be undertaken at all.   

The transgender movement is incapable of a rational conversation about the facts because they have rejected the truth in place of their own created reality. Since there is no common ground of understanding, the movement has predictably, reverted to its guilty-provoking playbook of demanding compassion from Christians, even though it is never reciprocated. Take, for example, the trans mob in New Zealand who attacked Posie Parker for stating the obvious about the reality of gender and the truth it cannot be changed on a whim. Then, there is a planned march in Washington D.C. this weekend named, “Trans Day of Vengeance”, touted as a nonviolent protest supporting transgender rights. Curious choice of words for non-violent support of trans rights, isn’t it?

The inevitability of a collision between Christianity (and other religions believing in God) and the transgender movement is just a matter of time. The two belief systems cannot coexist, one is correct and true, and the other is not.  The fight ahead will be fought in the spiritual arena, not the physical. It is a spiritual battle between good and evil, and it is the responsibility of every Christian never to condone evil even if it is disguised as compassion.   

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