The Democrats Obsession with Death


If by an unfortunate chance you happen to live in a blue state and turn on any local television station, you will see the screen plastered by Democratic candidates promising you, if elected, to protect the right of women to have abortions.  The vast number of commercials during this campaign season comes as no surprise when reports indicate the Democratic Party has spent $31 million on the abortion issue alone. All of the ads have the same theme, painting their Republican opponents as “too extreme” or “dangerous” on the issue of abortion.

Just before the Supreme court ruling on Roe v. Wade was announced, Rasmussen Reports found a majority of likely voters approved of the overturning of the federal law legalizing abortion in all 50 states. Regardless of the numbers, Democratic strategists believe the pro-abortion message will be a winning one for them in the upcoming midterm elections.  Anna Greenberg is just one of those democratic pollsters who thinks, “In terms of over-all national mood, it’s been a game changer.”  Her comment is tone deaf to the notion the country is more pro-life than pro-choice. It doesn’t seem to matter because the Democratic Party has sunken so far into the fascination and desire for death, no poll has any chance of changing their minds.

To think the Democrats are only obsessed with the killing of babies is placing your head in the sand. True, their obsession with death is most clearly seen with the abortion issue, but nonetheless, the radical Democratic party has taken on the task of killing off parts of the social structure, including families and their children.  

The public-school systems across the nation are in shambles due to the immoral union with leftists and teachers’ unions.  Systematically, those evil entities are raging war with the objective to kill the normal family structure by attacking the God-giving rights of parents to educate and raise their children in morality. The Marxist ideology which is now the mainstream of the Democratic party is trying to convince voters the government should control what children learn in public school and accusing those parents who disagree as domestic terrorists.  Pitting the children against their parents is one way to kill and dismantle all families.

The rise in  transgender movement endorsed by the Democrats is yet another aspect of the drive to kill.  Joe Biden recently interviewed by a despicable man pretending to be a woman suggested all 50 states should not ban gender surgeries for minors. The apparent leader of the free world is advocating child mutilation and the continued unholy alliance between public schools and hospitals who are profiting greatly from such surgeries.  The gender issue clouded by much misinformation has at its core the sterilization of our children. Nothing describes death better than manmade impotency.

The undeniable rise in crime across the country is yet another example of the obsession with death. In a normal functioning society, the government is tasked to protect its citizens from criminal characters who use violence and often kill their victims. The Democratic party wants to abrogate their responsibility to their constituents by claiming the legal system is racist. In Illinois for example, Democratic lawmakers have passed a bill called the Safe-T Act eliminates all cash bail under the guise of “criminal justice reform” even though the rise in violent crime has skyrocketed to over 36%  from the previous year of 2021.    

The Democratic Party of 2022 is obsessed with death and destruction and is at the very least, consistent with their Marxist ideology.  One reminder before you vote, Marxism has been the cause of over 100 million deaths since 1917, and there seems to be no slow down on the number of victims if the Democrats have their way.  

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