The Unholy Alliance

Hospital and Schools Working together to foster child Abuse

Investigative journalist, Christopher Rufo, has been reporting on the use of Critical Race Theory in schools for the past few years. Now he has turned his attention to the transgender craze that has seemingly taken over the youth of our nation. In his article, Unholy Alliance, Rufo chronicles the partnership between some Chicago area public school districts and Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Rufo explains that Lurie’s provides school districts with an educator workshop entitled, Beyond Binary: Gender in Schools. At the end of the workshop, Lurie’s then conveniently advertises the Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine along with the name and contact information of the Community Outreach Coordinator Lead. It appears that the Community Outreach Coordinator’s number one job description is to locate and refer vulnerable children to its clinic for a lifelong regimen of cross sex hormones and costly mutilation surgeries. Talk about a good marketing plan!

In 2017 the Affordable Care Act mandated that transgender surgeries were to be covered by insurance carriers and gender clinics all over the country are now cashing in. Does this sound far-fetched? It might have a few years ago, but Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville was just outed for promoting a similar scheme. Dr. Shayne Taylor from Vanderbilt was caught on tape bragging about how lucrative the transgender business is for the hospital because the surgeries bring in a lot of money. Not only is there a charge for the operation itself, but there are additional charges for the hospital stay, anesthesia and post operation visits. Dr. Taylor even uses the term “huge money makers” when describing bottom (genital) surgeries. Healthline lists the cost of these surgeries anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 apiece. 

With the massive failure rate of most of these mutilating surgeries, the follow-up and continued care is extensive. The most famous example of this is TLC reality star, Jazz Jennings, a little boy who was allowed to pretend he was a girl at age 5 and began puberty blocker treatments at age 11. At 17, the adults in his life thought it was a good idea to allow doctors to remove his male anatomy and attempt to fashion female genitalia. This would be the first of many more painful medical procedures as Jennings ultimately needed a fourth surgery after serious complications arose.  As a result, he gained a whopping 100 pounds and admits he has a mental health issue. The network, the medical community and his parents have all failed Jennings as he was used miserably and experimented on for the world to see. No doubt all involved were paid handsomely. 

The American College of Pediatrics has spoken out strongly on the harm that gender therapy is doing to vulnerable young people caught in this web of lies. As we have seen most of the encouragement is coming from public schools and the hospitals that are supporting them to grow their business. In the slideshow presented by Lurie’s on page 30, the following advice was given to educators if a student happens to reveal they have gender dysphoria in school: “Do not disclose someone’s identity without their consent, including to parents/caretakers and school staff. Counselors are allowed up to eight, 90-minute sessions with students age 12+ without parental notification.”

There are public schools everywhere, not just in Chicago, that are heeding this horrifying advice; counseling children into a life of pain and misery; and are willfully hiding from a child’s own parents the details of their involvement in the ultimate destruction of their precious offspring. This can no longer stand. We must hold all these organizations from the hospitals to the schools accountable for the damage they are inflicting on innocent and confused children. The actions of the hospitals and schools is nothing short of child abuse.

Fortunately, there is starting to be some pushback. Daily Wire conservative talk show host, Matt Walsh, is hosting a rally to end child mutilation, sterilization and transgender abuse at the Tennessee State Capital on October 21, 2022. If you are in the area, please join him or look for other events like this in your hometown. These medical and educational monsters have gotten away with these crimes against children only because we have let them. That stops now.

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