“Humanize” Abortion

Nikki Haley Fails to Thread the Needle with Her Abortion Comments In an interview with Fox News, Nikki Haley, former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor and current GOP presidential candidate, was recently quoted as saying this about abortion, “I think that we have to humanize this issue. We’ve got to stop demonizing this issue.” … Continue reading “Humanize” Abortion

The U.S Bishops Swing and Miss Again

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Restricts Religious Freedom and Advances Abortion Unless you are a Human Resources specialist or attorney in labor relations, you have probably never heard of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). On the surface, the protection of pregnant workers is something all can rally around. But with all legislation, the bill's … Continue reading The U.S Bishops Swing and Miss Again

Why Did Issue 1 in Ohio Fail?

In GMC’s last article, Ohio to Vote to Protect Children or Not, we outlined the Ohio initiative called Issue 1.  If passed, Issue  1 would have required any amendment to the Ohio constitution to require a 60% favorable vote on a statewide ballot. It would have also required any organizations proposing an amendment to have … Continue reading Why Did Issue 1 in Ohio Fail?

Ohio to Vote to Protect Children or Not

Issue 1 will be determined today Citizens in Ohio are going to the ballot box today to vote not for a candidate or a vacated seat but to vote on an amendment to the State’s Constitution known as Issue 1. Those not living in Ohio probably are unaware of the ballot initiative. Still, today's vote … Continue reading Ohio to Vote to Protect Children or Not

When You Think You Have Heard It All

When marriage is no longer defined as the union between a man and a woman, it is no surprise that some want to adulterate its meaning further.  It’s now June, and most of us are accustomed to the onslaught of LGBTQ flags flying at governmental buildings, commercials of everyday products featuring rainbows, and public displays … Continue reading When You Think You Have Heard It All

Women Who Need a Catechism Lesson

Sorry Ladies, Abortion is NOT a Christian Value Prominent entertainers publicly supporting the slaughter of unborn babies under the pretext of “mercy” and “Christian values” is an outrageous new form of gaslighting that we are regrettably being subjected to by the mainstream media. One is reminded of the timeless verse from the Prophet Isaiah: Ah! … Continue reading Women Who Need a Catechism Lesson

A Win is a Win for Life

Overt and Covert Christian PersecutionThe topsy-turvy world doesn’t afford many chances for good news, so when it presents itself, you have to recognize it and take a victory lap. One such opportunity has transpired during the past week. Fox News reported: Pennsylvania jury acquits pro-life activist Mark Houck on charges of obstructing abortion clinic access. … Continue reading A Win is a Win for Life

The Lust for Power has No Bounds

The recent midterm elections have been devastating for the pro-life movement. California, Vermont, and Michigan all had propositions on the ballot that have now enshrined abortion into their state constitutions. In both Kentucky and Montana, measures aimed at limiting abortion were also struck down. Michigan’s Proposition 3, euphemistically called Reproductive Freedom for All, which passed with … Continue reading The Lust for Power has No Bounds

The Democrats Obsession with Death

 If by an unfortunate chance you happen to live in a blue state and turn on any local television station, you will see the screen plastered by Democratic candidates promising you, if elected, to protect the right of women to have abortions.  The vast number of commercials during this campaign season comes as no surprise … Continue reading The Democrats Obsession with Death

Pro-Life is the Firewall

 religious freedom at stakeYou have to wonder whether Catholics and Christians who voted for Biden in the last presidential election have any regrets? A little less than two years into Biden’s administration, the president has proved to be the most pro-abortion president in US history. The argument against abortion has been playing out for quite … Continue reading Pro-Life is the Firewall