Transgenderism, Drag is the new Blackface


Biological males who claim to be women, such as transgender swimmer Will (“Lia”) Thomas, who was nominated by the University of Pennsylvania for the NCAA’s 2022 “Woman of the Year” award, are not only destroying sports and opportunities for women, they are also mocking and dehumanizing them.

In fact, transgenderism takes a page from a discredited part of American history. It’s the modern equivalent of blackface.

During the 19th century and even well into the 20th, white actors would darken their faces with shoe polish, charcoal or greasepaint to caricature and humiliate black people and amuse their white audiences with their “shuck and jive” minstrel shows. In fact, the term “Jim Crow” originated with a black stage character created by New York-born Thomas Dartmouth Rice. After observing slaves during a trip to the South, Rice created Jim Crow, a character described as a “rural dancing fool in tattered clothing.”

David Leonard, a professor of comparative ethnic studies and American studies at Washington State University, said that blackface was “an assertion of power and control. …“It was the same as saying ‘We can become the other and mock the other and assert our superiority by dehumanizing the other.’”

While blackface is no longer publicly acceptable, transgenders and “drag queens” like RuPaul are exhibiting another form of mockery and dehumanization to take its place.

RuPaul has openly admitted that he flamboyantly mocks gender and identity stereotypes. The two groups only differ, according to him, because the transgender community takes sexual identity seriously, and to him it’s all a big joke.

A big joke on women, that is.  The parallels between blackface and transgender/drag queens are obvious. 

White minstrels used exaggerated blackface makeup and stereotypical costumes to make fun of poor, uneducated Southern blacks. Transgenders and drag queens don female makeup and attire to mock real women as they “assert their superiority” by “becoming the other.”

Of course, darkening their faces didn’t suddenly make white actors black, just as wearing women’s clothes doesn’t suddenly turn a male into a female. Both blackface and transgenderism/drag rely on theatrics to convince a willing audience to suspend its natural disbelief.

Why? Because the people watching such spectacles have an innate hatred for the people they are mocking. 

Black people were ruthlessly caricatured because it made the whites who attended the minstrel shows feel superior. Women are being ruthlessly caricatured today because it helps those who have embraced the culture of death by promoting abortion to justify the murder of millions of unborn children.    

Blackface was an accepted – and protected – form of racial prejudice. As late as 2019, former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and former Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, both Democrats, admitted to dressing up in blackface as young men. Given the current racial climate, both of these clearly racist politicians should have been forced to resign. But the Democratic Party in Virginia, formerly known as the Ku Klux Klan, circled the wagons and gave them a pass. 

Transgenderism is now an accepted – and protected – form of gender prejudice. Democrats have again circled the wagons, creating a favored caste that no one is allowed to criticize, lest they be accused of a “hate crime” for pointing out the obvious truth. 

RuPaul, a Hillary Clinton supporter, also said that appearing in drag is “very, very political” because it “challenges the status quo.”

That’s what this is really all about. Women are literally life-bearers, endowed by God with the ability to create life. Transgenders, drag queens and all the other barren life haters like them are trying to destroy the status quo – Western culture, civilized by Christianity – from within by denying the God-created complementary roles played by male and female in His design for humanity.

They do this by mocking and dehumanizing the very people who propagate the human race. “We can become the other.” 

Blackface, which was ugly and malicious, was used to ridicule and humiliate black people. Likewise, transgenderism/drag is a slap in the face to women. Feminists, who claim to defend women, remain uncharacteristically silent in the face of this monstrous insult because they are part of the same culture of death, as seen by their rabid response to the overthrow of Roe v. Wade. And men-pretending-to-be-women are a crucial part of their anti-Christian, anti-life coalition. 

So they keep silent as women are being degraded and humiliated.

But the final joke will be on them.

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