Hopscotching over Socialism

Last Saturday, Donald Trump held a Save America rally in Warren, Michigan promoting local “America First” Republican candidates and furthering his  MAGA doctrine.  Much of his speech to a packed audience was the problems facing America now due to the progressive policies of the radical left. Any one who has viewed or attended Trump’s rallies knows there are times when he goes off the teleprompter and ad libs. Two of those phrases are noteworthy: “Vote Counters are now more important than the candidate,” and, “…now we are talking about communists, we don’t say socialists anymore because we have skipped over socialism.”  .”

Trump is correct, the fight for freedom and liberty is now positioned against the communists running the country and not the creeping effects of socialism. Since the early part of the twentieth century when the progressive president of Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson,  was elected to be the occupant of the White House, the Democrats have been pushing for a socialistic- type government.  For more than one hundred years the country has been forced to accept the federal government’s creeping inclusion in business, banking, education, healthcare and retirement. Clearly what is happening now in our country is not socialistic, but full-blown communistic tactics used against its citizens. Socialism for the radical progressive doesn’t go far or fast enough for their liking.

Pure socialistic countries like the Sweden do not attack and openly label half of their citizens ‘domestic terrorists’ threatening them with criminal offenses as does the DOJ who are harassing parents at school board meetings. The parents are only trying to protect their children from educational system funded by taxpayers attempting to indoctrinate them with perverted and evil ideas. Only communist regimes do.

Socialist leaning countries do not put political protestors in abhorrent conditions while incarcerated as they do with the January 6th detainees. It is so inhumane inside the Washington jail, the detained have requested to be moved to GITMO instead! Only a country like Cuba would do that.

Socialist leaning countries do not try and crush dissent and the right to free speech with overwhelming governmental power. The FBI raids citizens with impunity on a regular basis only because they are exercising their First Amendment rights. Only communist countries like China would do that.

Socialist leaning countries would not try and crack down on religious beliefs by arresting a Pro-life Catholic in front of his small children with FBI agents brandishing automatic weapons along with mean and inappropriate temperaments.  Only communist countries like North Korea would have the nerve to do that.

Socialist leaning countries would not bash a citizen’s civil rights  to carry arms to protect their families without a vigorous debate beforehand. Only communist countries like Laos might do that. 

Socialist leaning countries would probably not attempt jail their political opponents with bogus claims to assure them they could never run again for office. Only communist countries like Vietnam or China would even think about it. 

With so many abuses of late committed by the American government against their citizens, the fight is no longer about socialism but the full tyrannical power of communism. Trump is right, the progressive radicals have indeed hopscotched over socialism in lieu of a power structure which has already killed millions throughout the world and will prove to kill millions more.

The country is at a crossroad and the debates are no longer about funding school lunches or ballooning a welfare state. It’s all about complete control of the populace by elitists who have no time for democracy but plenty of time to crush their opponents opposing their takeover of the county. That’s the picture-perfect definition of communism.

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