Pro-Life is the Firewall


religious freedom at stake

You have to wonder whether Catholics and Christians who voted for Biden in the last presidential election have any regrets? A little less than two years into Biden’s administration, the president has proved to be the most pro-abortion president in US history. The argument against abortion has been playing out for quite a while now, and has always been countered and water downed by the outcries of women’s health or social justice. Many who call themselves Christians have supported a man vowed to destroy the Pro-life movement, first doubling down on a woman’s supposed right to kill her child and then by labeling any person or group which disagrees as domestic terrorists.  Speaking out against abortion at this moment in time is the new firewall, and once the wall is breached, religious freedom for all will be at great risk.

If you think the words are hyperbolic, then recall the acts of violence inflicted on those who work daily to save human babies from being outright killed. Good Moral Compasses opined about the many Pro-life centers and churches which have been vandalized and burned down with little or no care of law enforcement in our post, What About Pro Choice Terrorism. Over 50 prolife centers have been targeted along with numerous churches, and still no arrests. The FBI doesn’t seem to have the time to track down and arrest arsonists but they do have time to exercise force and make arrests when it comes to Pro-life individuals.

Recently, news about a Pennsylvania Catholic Pro-life father with small children present was arrested at his home by a FBI SWAT team in full force. The story made its way to some of the headlines, but certainly not all. Mark Houch, the co-founder of “Kings Men” an organization aimed at spiritually mentoring young men by teaching them the sanctity of life from conception until natural death.  Last year he was arrested for physically abusing an abortion escort and the charges were heard and completely adjudicated in a lower court. That wasn’t enough for the Biden Admiration who resurrected the case and had the DOJ charge him with a federal offense called FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act).

Houch is not the only victim of the heavy-handed raids and arrests against Pro-life advocates. Townhall recently reported, “The DOJ charged pro-life leader Paul Vaughn with “a civil rights conspiracy” and a Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act) offense over the activist blockade of a Nashville-area abortion facility in early March 2021. A federal indictment unsealed Wednesday alleges that the pro-life defendants “engaged in a conspiracy to prevent the clinic from providing” and patients from receiving abortion services and violated the FACE Act by “using physical obstruction to intimidate and interfere with the clinic’s employees and a patient.”

If convicted, Vaughn could serve 11 years in prison along with a $350,000 fine. Eleven years for singing hymns at the door of an abortion clinic! Where are the social justice warriors raising their voices in protest against this travesty? Nothing but silence, and the hypocrisy is staggering. Protesting is only acceptable if it is in line with the Biden Agenda, anything that resembles saving innocent human life is only met by Federal armed violence.

The motivation behind the persecutions against Pro-lifers is becoming quite clear. Usually, Pro-life Christians are faithful individuals who believe in God and still understand the sanctity of human life is extended to all, including the baby in the womb of her mother.  If those who are trying to protect life are persecuted and silenced, then one major leg of the stool will be cut out from under, and the stool will fall. If the evil forces can rid and destroy the Pro-life movement, then the quashing of all religion will well be within their sight. It is so important to the progressives to destroy the Pro-life movement because they know faith in God and his words are like kryptonite to the Marxists movement. The sooner the antidote of evil is eliminated, the sooner society can be free to destroy any life that doesn’t match the immoral end the despots hope for.

For those who never took enough notice in protecting the most vulnerable of our society and voted for other considerations ahead of it, then some bad news awaits you. If you still think you can publicly worship God and act in his name well into the future without restriction, you are naïve. As religion and faith systematically get squeezed out of culture, there won’t be any need for so many social justice concerns because all will be equal; many will be in prison; some killed, all because of the person you voted for. 

Prolife is now the new firewall which cannot be broken.

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