Pro-Life is the Firewall

 religious freedom at stakeYou have to wonder whether Catholics and Christians who voted for Biden in the last presidential election have any regrets? A little less than two years into Biden’s administration, the president has proved to be the most pro-abortion president in US history. The argument against abortion has been playing out for quite … Continue reading Pro-Life is the Firewall

Steve Friend Does Have a Conscience

Last week Good Moral Compasses (GMC) opined about the moral vicissitude of the rank and file FBI agents participating in the ongoing political raids against American citizens who defy the Democratic leftist machine. Rightly, GMC questioned how agents vowed to uphold the Constitution could participate in such raids, for without them, the practice of punishing … Continue reading Steve Friend Does Have a Conscience

FBI and DOJ, What Happened to Your Consciences?

A couple of days ago the "pillow man,” Mike Lindell was detained by the FBI at a fast-food restaurant and was issued a subpoena  from the Colorado Grand Jury demanding he turn over his phone.  Lindell has been exercising his First Amendment right to speak out against the ruling class. Apparently, the FBI and the … Continue reading FBI and DOJ, What Happened to Your Consciences?

Sussman Verdict: Truth Disregarded

On Tuesday, the first federal trial of ‘Russiagate’ ended in an acquittal of Michael Sussman charged with lying to the FBI. Reports during the two-week trial left a lot of people scratching their head about the efficacy and fairness of our present legal system.  Well known legal analysist, Jonathan Turley who is anything but a … Continue reading Sussman Verdict: Truth Disregarded