A Win is a Win for Life

Overt and Covert Christian Persecution

The topsy-turvy world doesn’t afford many chances for good news, so when it presents itself, you have to recognize it and take a victory lap. One such opportunity has transpired during the past week. Fox News reported: Pennsylvania jury acquits pro-life activist Mark Houck on charges of obstructing abortion clinic access.  The jury of his peers deciding the fate of Mark Houck concluded the federal charges leveled against him were unfounded. Thank God those twelve jurors were not going to be cooperators of a federal government’s witch hunt bent on the continued persecution of Christians who defend human life.  A win is a win and all who profess to be Christian should remain hopeful to continue to fight against the evil of abortion.

GMC reported on this case back in October suggesting Christian persecution in America would first have to go through and annihilate the pro-life movement. Some might contend this sentiment is nothing more than hyperbole used to incite a right leaning base to fight against the money mill commonly known as the abortion industry. Far from hyperbole, the Mark Houck case definitively shows the concerted effort on the part of the American government to silence citizens from speaking out against the killing of life in the womb. 

When Houck was indicted and arrested, the Catholic father of seven, was met at his home with a domestic army of 30 agents from the FBI, brandishing automatic long guns, as if he was on a violent ten most wanted terrorist’s list. The over kill was intended to intimidate Houck and any who would consider praying in front of any abortion clinic. The selective use of the law is stunning because the DOJ or FBI wouldn’t dare pull a stunt like this with any BLM supporter. Initially, the intimidation worked, for no Catholic Bishop nor Christian leader had the courage to speak out in defense of a man who lives out his faith by trying to convince misguided mothers to save their babies.

Christian Persecution Is Happening All Over the World

Christian persecution is unfortunately alive and ongoing throughout the world. Christians are being targeted at this moment in places like China, the Middle East and Africa and these crimes are not well documented or reported on, but nevertheless deadly. The topic is so serious it will have to wait for another time to do justice to the atrocities befalling our fellow brothers and sisters in faith. However, it is essential Christians be made aware of the attacks being perpetrated on the faithful throughout the world.

In countries more like our own, specifically Canada and England, the Christian persecution is less obvious and disguised by claiming abortion protestors are impeding a women’s health care by simply being present outside a clinic.  In 2017, Ontario Canada passed a law which would make it illegal to protest abortion by prohibiting any person to be within 150 meters (a football field and a half) of any clinic providing abortion. The penalty for disobeying the law is $5000 fine and a six-month jail sentence.  In Canada, it is illegal to even pray a rosary for the life of a mother and her child unless you are so far away you would might not even see the building.

Similarly, Christians in England are facing the same prohibitions while exercising their faith in what is commonly thought to be a democratic and free country. The Public Square Protection (PSPO) order states, “No person in a public place of the restricted zone shall protest, namely engage in any act of approval/disapproval or attempted act of approval/disapproval, with respect to issues related to abortion service by any means. This includes but not limited to graphic verbal or written means, prayer or counseling.”

Even with the seemingly overwhelming fight against tyranny and persecution, a win is a win. The acquittal of Mark Houck has thankfully placed a temporary roadblock in front of the pro-choice, anti-Christian Biden Administration’s fight for the elimination of faith in the public square.  At least for now, you can pray outside an abortion clinic for the unborn, unlike our counterparts to the north and across the pond. 

Christians in this country have been warned by the Houck arrest the fight for life is a real one, and the left plans on playing for keeps. The unborn are the first in danger, next will be the elderly and handicapped, and then, every person who doesn’t genuflect to totalitarianism.  Pray and support those courageous souls who have put their own lives in peril, like Mark Houck and others who give hope in the fight for life.

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