Why the Bullies are Winning

The concern of progressive educators a few years ago was the recognition that there was bullying going on in schools, as though it was some new revelation. Earth to school administrators– bullying has been around since the time schools were created. Dutiful administrators gladly attended bullying workshops (no doubt funded by your tax dollars) and when freshly enlightened, transmitted the new found knowledge to teachers who eagerly awaited the pearls of wisdom. How funny, the subject of bullying has fallen from the headlines so fast.  Unfortunate as it may be, bullying is still around; however, this time the tactic is happening to the society at large.  

Psychology Today defines bullying as,“a distinctive pattern of repeatedly and deliberately harming and humiliating others, specifically those who are smaller, weaker.”  It further contends, “Bullying can involve verbal attacks (name-calling and making fun of others) as well as physical ones, threats of harm, other forms of intimidation, and deliberate exclusion from activities.”  

Nothing defines the present climate of bullying more than individuals who attempt to disagree with the loud mouth revolutionaries attempting to rewrite culture; e.g., the progressives who shout out about the legitimacy of gender fluidity, the gift of being able to legally kill or malform children, and the suggestion the elderly should kill themselves. If there is even a possibility of any pushback, the collective bullies (Marxists, government officials, NPO’s, and the media) are ready and able to attack  verbally, physically, legally. The mob will let it be known the first punishment and threat will be cancelation. For many, the threat is enough. Sounds familiar? It should, it is exactly the definition of bullying you just read above. 

As the culture continues to spiral into chaos, the bullies are winning because the threat of intimidation and the exercise of violence, both real and perceived, are constantly in the backdrop of public discourse. The bulling of the collective mob has kept the majority of good-willed people sidelined and unwilling to fight against the tormenters. A common response of those who disagree with the progressive agenda, but are unwilling to fight, is they have ‘too much to lose.’ The knee jerk responses are usually: they need their jobs; they don’t want to become pariahs in their community or at work; and, they just don’t want to be on the radar of federal agencies who could possibly cause them legal or criminal headaches.

The sentiments are understandable. Good-willed people do not go out of their way to look for a fight. But when the fight is upon you and you choose not to defend yourself, you have relegated yourself to being a victim of bullying. Unlike the schoolyard, there is no one to save you from the intimidator. If this still doesn’t motivate you to fight back, be aware you are already losing. It just a matter of time when you will lose it all by keeping your mouth shut. The fallacy of minding your own business is akin to the survivalist stock piling food in the case of a catastrophic disruption of the food supply. Certainly, he will eat a bit longer than those who have no food, but his food will eventually run out also.

Drip by Drip

Drip by drip the civil liberties and financial security of the average American are being taken away from them. Just look at some of the alarming trends:

Civil liberties have been taken away from American citizens under the pretense of safety during the pandemic. The government lied about masks and many were forced to take a vaccine against their will to keep their jobs. Too many cases of illness have surfaced to be coincidence, with an increase in myocarditis diagnoses in mainly healthy young people. Even the popular Dr. Drew finally admitted there is evidence from Pfizer about the ill effects of the vaccine on female reproduction.

Americans are falling behind on their car payments and having them reposed at a level which hasn’t been seen since the Great Recession over a decade ago.

Some American workers are withdrawing money from their IRA’s under the ‘hardship distribution’ clause, and has just hit a record high. 

Credit Card balances are up 15%, the highest increase in 20 years.

Savings accounts are dwindling at disturbing rates.

You get the point. Regardless, whether you speak out or not, you are losing your civil liberties along with your financial security anyway. What is more important than just financial security or your status in the community are the convictions you hold. If you do not have convictions, you have nothing. The first step to holding on to your personal convictions and values is to become informed about what is happening around you. Come to this site often or other places of information and educate yourself with facts not published in the major media outlets. If this is all you can do, it is at least something.

Next, be courageous and go to library board meetings and speak out against pornographic books being shelved in your libraries. Go to school board meetings and object to teacher’s and administrator’s teaching your children immoral and sinful life styles. Go to your local government meetings and demand a government which will protect and serve the constituents fairly.

Don’t be afraid, you haven’t much more to lose. Even if your finances go a bit south, you will have something much more valuable—your convictions and values.  

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