The Fight for Liberty is Local

The results of the recent 2020 midterm elections sent a shock wave through voters who value human freedom and liberty as the foundation of a self-governed country.  Many were ecstatic before any votes were ever counted hoping for a ‘red wave’ to solve the problem.  As of this writing, the Republican Party has mustered only a slim win in the House of Representatives.    

The news came as a big surprise to those who hoped for a real course change, which of course, never materialized. The results indicated the country did not wish for a wholesale change at this time, the specific reasons as to why may never be fully known. Liberty loving citizens are disappointed in the last election because the change they hoped for is not happening fast enough. Human nature is inclined to want a problem solved in one fell swoop. The emotional reaction of the upset voter hoping liberty and personal freedom can be restored through one election was an unrealistic request from the start. The assault on liberty has been going on for some time, and its restoration will take time as well.

The loss of liberty and personal freedom did not start with the Biden administration. The government takeover has been on the march for some time.

  • Recall the Republican Bush Administration succeeded in limiting personal freedom and liberty by passing the Patriot Act which was supposed to fight terrorism. The Patriot Act was instrumental in using national intelligence against its citizens.
  • Fast forward to the Obama Administration which targeted conservatives by weaponizing the IRS against conservative groups like the Tea Party movement. Obviously, the rights of those conservative citizens were trampled afoot with no accountability.
  • The Biden Administration continues the erosion of personal freedom by targeting political adversaries with criminal charges. The FBI has targeted Biden’s political enemies along with those who fight for life in the womb.

The Loss of Freedom Has Its roots in Academia

Political movements, including those of our Founding Fathers, formulate political policies from the philosophy they embrace.  The philosophies are normally produced in the realm of higher learning, and the present trends are no exception. Normally, the erudite study of philosophy cannot be supported in market-based world, the only place it can be practiced is in academia.

Conservatively speaking, academia has been promoting a philosophy against the principles of the founding Fathers culminating in the social and cultural change the country has experienced the past 60 or more years. In the past, philosophy was usually corralled in colleges and universities alone, but the radical philosophy is different. It was no longer seen as  just a thought experiment but was intended to migrate to high school and elementary schools across the nation. With a foot hold in local schools, administrators and teachers who embraced progressive thought coupled with their own hubris, decided the school industrial complex should have the right to indoctrinate American children through education.

The Restoration of Freedom Starts in Academia    



A consistent reason for hope in the future has been the rise of parents and others challenging local school boards who have overstepped their authority by taking liberties with the children entrusted to them.  One such organization is Moms for Liberty dedicated to fighting for children and the God-given rights of all parents. Their website defines their mission in this way, “Moms for Liberty is dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.” Other instances of grassroot efforts are Muslim parents attending school board meetings in Dearborn Michigan protesting the LGBTQ agenda promoted by local schools.   

The hope of the future of America cannot only rest upon a win here or there in any given election. Hope for change must start from the bottom up, and the best way to work for liberty it to challenge school and library boards who are actively propagandizing children and parents by their relentless attack to dismantling the God-given rights of the family.

The hope of America remaining a free nation must be the fight to defend the most basic institution of any society—the family. The defense and strengthening of the family will not happen through an elective process alone. It must start at the grassroots level with parents and likeminded people as the foot soldiers. Do what you can on the local level. Every little bit begins to deteriorate the toxic culture and replace it with God-given freedoms and the hope your children and grandchildren live as they were intended by God.  

The hope for America starts and works through grassroots efforts. Don’t count on a politician to save you.

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