Where Temptation Thrives: The Desert

First Sunday of Lent, Cycle ALent is the time when we metaphorically enter our own deserts.  Each year, on the first Sunday of Lent, the Church draws our attention to the temptation narrative. The temptation of Jesus in the desert is found in the gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew. Today, the reading of the … Continue reading Where Temptation Thrives: The Desert

Feast of the Ascension

Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead, he ascended to the right hand of the Father for all eternity. From the moment Christ ascended into heaven, the Church has remembered the event in her liturgy with accompanying prayers reflecting the importance of the feast. The prayers associated with the Mass of the Ascension are … Continue reading Feast of the Ascension

Fourth Sunday Easter -Year C

Let’s Spend Some Time with the Acts of the Apostles The Acts of the Apostles is perhaps a little unique in the realm of New Testament witness. It is primarily an historical account after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The words in the Acts of the Apostles convey what happened in the early … Continue reading Fourth Sunday Easter -Year C

Fifth Sunday of Lent-C

Woman Caught in Adultery Jesus was asked by the Pharisees a moral question about a woman caught in adultery. What might you say? Have you ever been a victim?  Have you ever been harmed or unjust words and actions leveled against you?  Have you ever thought or audibly commented what just happened to you is … Continue reading Fifth Sunday of Lent-C

First Sunday of Lent -C

Jesus Tempted in the DesertIn order for any temptation to be plausible, the devil knows he must exploit human need and supply a solution with a proposition which includes some truth.  Recall again the first temptation. Adam and Eve were told by the Evil One, God was actively squashing their free will by not allowing … Continue reading First Sunday of Lent -C

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time- C

“Amen I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own native place.”  The “My Truth” Lie Are there any prophets left in our culture? Or have they all been cancelled by a prevailing notion the truth is what I say it is?  A cute story highlights the absurdity of the belief in the … Continue reading Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time- C