Jesus’ Initial Public Offering

“Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand”The Gospel reading for the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time depicts Jesus’ move from Nazareth, after the arrest of St. John the Baptist, to a place called Galilee, to begin his preaching about the imminence of the Kingdom of God.  A reading from the text from St. … Continue reading Jesus’ Initial Public Offering

The Irony of the Kingdom of God

The irony of a well-known sinner becoming closer to God than a religious figure who lives a religious life and obeys the law, is the point of the parable of the Pharisee and tax collector. Two different moral figures in the Temple praying at the same time. The Pharisee’s monologue (we can hardly call it … Continue reading The Irony of the Kingdom of God

The Rich Man’s Torment

The past two weeks the Gospel message was presented by the use of parables. The first was the Prodigal Son followed by the story of the embezzling manager of the rich master.  Today’s teaching is also in the form of a parable, staring the poor beggar Lazarus. Not the same Lazarus who was the brother … Continue reading The Rich Man’s Torment

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

Wherever your treasure lies, there your heart will be.Remember back when you could afford and willingly deposited your hard-earned cash into a savings account for use in years to come. It may have been a 401K or similar financial instrument offered by your employer.  After a few years in a regular market scenario, you begin … Continue reading Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-C