The Souls of the Just are in the Hand of God

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed--All Souls Day Yesterday, we honored and venerated all of God’s saints who gladly accepted his grace and lived in his love during their earthly journey. These holy men, women, and children are our examples, and now live eternally with the Trinity and enjoy his beatific vision.  We call … Continue reading The Souls of the Just are in the Hand of God

Living in Eternity

What’s your point? What are you trying to get at? What’s the bottom line? For so many of us, a long, babbling discourse, without direction or purpose, is difficult to listen to. We can do without all the fluff and window dressing. Just give me the information that’s really going to matter."Teacher, Moses wrote for … Continue reading Living in Eternity

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

Mercy has a Physical as well as a Spiritual Aspect The Gospel reading this weekend is a dialogue between a lawyer and Jesus about how a person can attain eternal life. Jesus does not answer directly, but directs the lawyer to the Law and beckons him to recite the verse. The lawyer well acquainted in … Continue reading 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C