Meant to Be More Than the Law

The Law Fulfilled Through Christ The lengthy Gospel reading for the sixth week in ordinary time has Jesus addressing the topic of the Law, sacred to the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Any person who challenged the law, challenged the belief in the God of Israel. Jesus, speaking to his disciples, referred to himself as the fulfillment … Continue reading Meant to Be More Than the Law

Glorifying Your Heavenly Father

Giving glory to your heavenly Father is a common theme in Christianity. Glorifying God may include prayer acknowledging God as the source and sustainer of all life and existence. Other ways to glorify God might be by doing works acceptable to the Father and furthering the Kingdom of God on earth. Whichever way we can … Continue reading Glorifying Your Heavenly Father

A Win is a Win for Life

Overt and Covert Christian PersecutionThe topsy-turvy world doesn’t afford many chances for good news, so when it presents itself, you have to recognize it and take a victory lap. One such opportunity has transpired during the past week. Fox News reported: Pennsylvania jury acquits pro-life activist Mark Houck on charges of obstructing abortion clinic access. … Continue reading A Win is a Win for Life

Manipulating Youth’s Desires

The same Evil in new wrapping paperFor the past few weeks, GMC has reported on the communist takeover of education. The seizure has been brilliantly conceived and executed. There is plenty of evidence the communists have both infiltrated and attained positions of immense power within the educational system. By doing so, they have been able … Continue reading Manipulating Youth’s Desires

Don’t Throw in the Towel Too Quickly

The Beatitudes Encourages Christians to Grow from Childlike InclinationsEven those with a rudimentary knowledge of Christianity have heard of the Sermon on the Mount commonly known as the Beatitudes. The lofty encouragement to become holy, is for most, an unattainable goal. How can anybody but a saint achieve the blessedness Jesus calls for? Before throwing … Continue reading Don’t Throw in the Towel Too Quickly

The 3r’s Are Not Education’s Mission Anymore

Public Education is more interested in communist social change than the basics of literacy In a recent GMC article, The Infiltrated Education System, we presented some of the goals of the communists in their quest to take over the United States. Today we’ll take a deep dive into these goals and provide current and concrete … Continue reading The 3r’s Are Not Education’s Mission Anymore

Reason Reigns Supreme

In our continuing series on the grooming of society, we highlighted the grooming going in our educational system along with the century long attack on the family. We would be remiss not to mention the continual grooming of society without mentioning the attack on human reason which also has profound repercussions. Reason In Everything but Human … Continue reading Reason Reigns Supreme

Jesus’ Initial Public Offering

“Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand”The Gospel reading for the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time depicts Jesus’ move from Nazareth, after the arrest of St. John the Baptist, to a place called Galilee, to begin his preaching about the imminence of the Kingdom of God.  A reading from the text from St. … Continue reading Jesus’ Initial Public Offering

The Grooming of Society: Attack on the Family

The steady erosion of cultural values in the United States, based on the Judeo-Christian belief that all human beings have immortal souls made in the image and likeness of their Creator, did not happen by accident. There was a deliberate and concerted effort by the enemies of God to attack and destroy the institution that … Continue reading The Grooming of Society: Attack on the Family

The Infiltrated Educational System

The Grooming of Society Through EducationBella Dodd, a card-carrying member of the American Communist Party describes in a memoir, School of Darkness, her infiltration of both the Catholic church and the educational system. Dodd was active promoting communist ideology in these institutions from 1920 – 1949.  Through the grace of God and a friendship with … Continue reading The Infiltrated Educational System