A Pagan Who Models Faith

Twentieth Sunday- A St. Ignatius of Loyola, the sixteenth-century founder of the Jesuits, emphasized a particular way of scriptural prayer with his followers. He suggested that a person should focus on a scripture passage and begin to imagine the scene in the mind’s eye. Imagine the terrain, the characters, and the circumstances, much like a … Continue reading A Pagan Who Models Faith

The U.S Bishops Swing and Miss Again

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Restricts Religious Freedom and Advances Abortion Unless you are a Human Resources specialist or attorney in labor relations, you have probably never heard of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). On the surface, the protection of pregnant workers is something all can rally around. But with all legislation, the bill's … Continue reading The U.S Bishops Swing and Miss Again

One Bishop Finally Apologizes

Earlier this summer, apparently after preparing a homily for St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who died from a virus while ministering to the poor, Cardinal Timothy Dolan (the archbishop of New York) penned a column in Our Sunday Visitor entitled: Did we go too far with COVID-19 restrictions?.   Cardinal Dolan wondered, “Did we as a Church, here … Continue reading One Bishop Finally Apologizes

It Only Takes a Whisper

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time- A It was only a tiny whisper, we're told, that made Elijah realize that he was standing square in the presence of God—just a little whisper amid driving winds, earthquakes, and infernos. None of the tremendous sounds and shakes drew the prophet from his shelter in the cave. Instead, the … Continue reading It Only Takes a Whisper

Why Did Issue 1 in Ohio Fail?

In GMC’s last article, Ohio to Vote to Protect Children or Not, we outlined the Ohio initiative called Issue 1.  If passed, Issue  1 would have required any amendment to the Ohio constitution to require a 60% favorable vote on a statewide ballot. It would have also required any organizations proposing an amendment to have … Continue reading Why Did Issue 1 in Ohio Fail?

Ohio to Vote to Protect Children or Not

Issue 1 will be determined today Citizens in Ohio are going to the ballot box today to vote not for a candidate or a vacated seat but to vote on an amendment to the State’s Constitution known as Issue 1. Those not living in Ohio probably are unaware of the ballot initiative. Still, today's vote … Continue reading Ohio to Vote to Protect Children or Not

Treasure Worth Having

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-A This weekend's readings are about what constitutes our treasure and its importance.  We have all acquired material treasures, perhaps our house, automobile, or something else. We also have other treasures, a hybrid between purely material possessions and the emotional connection with the item. It might be the knickknack we inherited … Continue reading Treasure Worth Having

When You Realize Your Country Is Corrupt

For those old enough to remember when Eastern Europe was in the grips of communist control, word came out from behind the iron curtain as to the rampant corruption of these puppet governments. In the Soviet Union, it was commonly known that those staunch advocates and cronies of the political system did very well economically … Continue reading When You Realize Your Country Is Corrupt

Wheat and the Weed

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-A We are in the middle of our growing season in the northern hemisphere. Trained and untrained gardeners have already spent notable time weeding their gardens from unwanted plants. It is easy to tell the difference between a flower or crop you planted and the pesky weeds that inevitably find a … Continue reading Wheat and the Weed