Resistance to Evil is Never Futile

In these chaotic and challenging times, it is tempting to give in to despair and convince oneself that resistance to the clear evil and present danger all around us is futile. What can one person do in the face of pervasive institutional corruption in the government, academia, the media, medicine, science and even the Church?

The answer is simple: Resist evil in every way possible.

But simple doesn’t mean easy. Indeed, resistance is one of the most difficult things to do in practice, especially for Christians trained from early childhood to obey. But the duty to obey God, parents and other legitimate authority does not extend to obeying evildoers who seek our destruction. In fact, it is our Christian duty to resist such evil wherever it rears its ugly head.

However, non-violent resistance can take many forms.

For some people, it will mean that they will simply stop spending money at stores and other commercial establishments that promote abortion or transgenderism and refuse to participate in any activity whose sponsors have shown themselves to be enemies of God, family and country. It will take time and effort to fund substitutes for some items, but that is the price we must pay.

new book out by Wayne Allen Root (“The Great American BUY-Cott”) makes economic resistance a bit easier. The book lists a number of well-known U.S. companies that have not bought into the “woke” madness, doing the legwork for people who want to personally defund the Left and shift economic power to free-market companies that match their Judeo-Christian values.

Apps, such as Public SquareAlign, and Patriot Switch also help conscientious Christians send a message of resistance to corporate America that they will not tolerate the promotion of sinful behavior in the name of “inclusion.”

The recent backlash to Anheuser-Busch’s promotion of a biological male dressed as a female to market Bud Light beer, which even the New York Times could not ignore, is an example of economic resistance.  Since April 1, the company lost a staggering $5 billion in market value.

People who are afraid of losing their jobs or being attacked if they overtly challenge the cultural terrorists can still buycott these companies. This is one of the most basic ways to resist.

The corollary to defunding the Left is contributing to organizations that are fighting in court, in the political sphere and in the court of public opinion to defeat them. Pick one of these champions and send them a generous check. Do it today. Time is of the essence in this epic battle between good and evil.

Writing a letter or social media post, sharing Good Moral Compass articles – or even just “liking” one  – is another way to resist the rabid jackals who are trying to destroy our nation from within. They are outnumbered, but because they have the power they must be confronted at every turn. This is not the time to let the proverbial “other guy” do what needs to be done.

Other, braver individuals may be called to show up at school and library board meetings to demand an end to the vicious attacks on Christianity and the West, participating in peaceful protests, or even run for public office themselves. They are on the front lines of this cultural war. Support them.

Every effort to resist evil is crucial in this epic battle. Each person must examine their conscience and decide what level of resistance is achievable for them. But to sit and do nothing like the “good Germans” did during the Holocaust, whether due to inertia, timidity, or fear is not an option. As English philosopher Edmund Burke noted, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And if you are doing nothing to resist, you are part of the problem.”

Finally, we need to utilize the biggest weapon we have: prayer, with the knowledge that Our Heavenly Father will not abandon us as we fight the devil and his legions in His Name.

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