Telltale Signs of Government Abuse

Government Uses the Domestic Abuser Playbook to Control its Citizens

Little did you know all God-fearing American citizens and their representative government is nothing short of an abusive relationship.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) states, “One feature shared by most abusive relationships is that the abusive partner tries to establish or gain power and control through many different methods, at different moments.” From the unscientific Covid lockdowns, to forced vaccinations, to the threats of armed jack boots working for the IRS, and FBI raids, our government has demonstrated the classic characteristics of an abuser.  

The NDVH website describes the warning signs. It claims, “Even one or two of these behaviors is a red flag that abuse may be present.” Our governmental leaders are guilty of not only a few red flags, but EIGHT. It appears that this list actually became their road map for controlling and mistreating the populace. 

Warning Signs of Abuse

  1. Preventing or discouraging you from spending time with friends, family members or peers.

We all saw the insanity of the lockdowns which had absolutely no scientific basis or prior precedent as noted in the Great Barrington Declaration which has now garnered 930,500 signatures of renowned virologists and epidemiologists worldwide. You may recall early on; gatherings were limited to 10 or less people. Elderly family members died alone. Sick relatives in hospitals were allowed no visitors. The military has known for years that isolation is the easiest way to break someone psychology and physically. This was the start of the abuse, but certainly not the end. 

  1. Insulting, demeaning, or shaming you, especially in front of other people.

The unvaccinated were made to feel as if they were killing everyone’s grandma. The unvaccinated were publicly ostracized as ignorant, irresponsible and conspiracy theorists. The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a favorite phrase used by the likes of Fauci and Biden. We all now know that the vaccine was neither safe nor effective, but the damage was done.  

  1. Preventing you from making your own decisions, including about working or attending school.

Early in the pandemic many companies and schools insisted that workers and students stay home. This became a nightmare for parents of school aged children as they tried to juggle work responsibilities while simultaneously trying to educate their children. It is estimated that the impact of remote learning during the pandemic will have long term negative educational effects, especially for lower income students. Seeing their children struggle to learn at home, many parents demanded in-person learning only to be thwarted by rogue teachers’ unions in large cities who are joined at the hip to the democrat party. The regime did not allow families to make their own risk assessment and intentionally kept kids out of school despite the loss of learning and anxiety that ensued.   

  1. Pressuring you to agree to sexual acts [morals] you are not comfortable with.

Public schools and libraries are actively promoting drag queen story times, the grooming of children with LGBTQ+ curriculum, and pornographic books. This was unthinkable just a couple of years ago.  If one objects, you are the recipient of ad hominin attacks, which is another classic abuser tactic. Those who object to the sexualization of children are labeled as homophobe, transphobe, bigot, religious zealot, prude, or even a dinosaur (4:07 mark in the What is a Woman? Matt Walsh interview) for not being up with the times.

  1. Controlling finances without discussion including taking your money.

Almost 40% of small businesses were destroyed during the last two years. These family run businesses had no ability to discuss with government the wisdom of lockdowns as they were enforced under the penalty of arrest. By shutting down small businesses, the government ostensibly took money out the pockets of regular every day Americans trying to get ahead, and transferred the wealth to the coffers of big box corporations and oligarchs. Existing billionaires saw their wealth grow by 1.7 trillion.  This was a power play to leave small business owners helpless and totally dependent on government. Dependence is another strategy in abusive relationships.

  1. Intimidating you through threatening actions. 

The government has been intimidating and threatening to destroy anyone who questions the results of the 2020 presidential election. To this day, many January 6th protestors, who were not armed and had no criminal record, are languishing in horrible conditions in jail without bail. Some have been denied needed medical attention and are refused their basic civil rights. The government’s political enemies like Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon who claimed executive privilege and failed to comply with the Soviet-style 1/6 show trial of Liz Cheney have also been arrested. These folks are being made an example of to warn the rest of us who don’t believe the government’s current narrative, that we could be next if we step out of line. Intimidation is another form of abuse.

  1. Intimidating you with weapons.

The IRS has been stockpiling weapons and ammunition (4,600 guns and 5 million rounds). They plan on hiring 87,000 new agents, not spectacled accountants with pocket protectors to audit your tax return, but goons to forcibly come after you if you happen to have an error on your 1040. The IRS recently deleted a job posting calling for applicants who are willing to use, “deadly force.” The job description also called for applicants to, “maintain a level of fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations…carry a firearm…be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”

  1. Destroying your belongings or your home.

The FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago showed clearly that if a president’s private home could be ransacked for nine hours, then none of us are safe. This raid was after Trump and his attorneys had reportedly been cooperating with the National Archives. This brazen unjust act has crossed a line in American history that cannot be understated. We now live in a new reality where our basic human freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution are in serious jeopardy. 

We do not have to remain in this abusive relationship. Our collective response needs to be one of breaking free of the shackles and the propaganda that supports this evil and illegitimate regime. But how do we do that? Start by voting or registering to vote. Run for local school, library, medical or village boards.  Check out the Precinct Strategy in your state and become precinct committeemen, election judge or poll worker. Do not sit idly by while our country is going down in flames.

The United States is the last bastion of freedom in the world. If we fall, there is no one coming to save us. Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez eloquently articulated this in an emotional speech at the 2020 Republican Convention, “I choose freedom. I still hear my dad. There is no other place to go.” 

So, choose freedom and work like everything depends on you, then pray like everything depends on God. With the grace of God, and our faith, determination and commitment, we can overcome the forces of evil that have rallied against us and once again become the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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