Time to Set Up the Trust Fund

Our previous post decried the lack of any comments from the parishioners of the Church of Climate Change to the latest environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. Compounding the issue, the Biden Administration apparently cares more about sending money to Ukraine rather than the poor community in the northwest corner of Ohio. It wasn’t until … Continue reading Time to Set Up the Trust Fund

Why the Bullies are Winning

The concern of progressive educators a few years ago was the recognition that there was bullying going on in schools, as though it was some new revelation. Earth to school administrators-- bullying has been around since the time schools were created. Dutiful administrators gladly attended bullying workshops (no doubt funded by your tax dollars) and … Continue reading Why the Bullies are Winning

America Rots– Xi Jinping Laughs

The Chinese Balloon is a Symbol and a Mirror of Our BrokennessThe Chinese balloon incident last week brings into focus, possibly like never before, the rot eating away at the American way of life. The reality of a wounded democratic nation surely makes the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) very gleeful. The Chinese … Continue reading America Rots– Xi Jinping Laughs

A Win is a Win for Life

Overt and Covert Christian PersecutionThe topsy-turvy world doesn’t afford many chances for good news, so when it presents itself, you have to recognize it and take a victory lap. One such opportunity has transpired during the past week. Fox News reported: Pennsylvania jury acquits pro-life activist Mark Houck on charges of obstructing abortion clinic access. … Continue reading A Win is a Win for Life

Reason Reigns Supreme

In our continuing series on the grooming of society, we highlighted the grooming going in our educational system along with the century long attack on the family. We would be remiss not to mention the continual grooming of society without mentioning the attack on human reason which also has profound repercussions. Reason In Everything but Human … Continue reading Reason Reigns Supreme

The Grooming of a Society

Report: 600 Chicago Public School Students were victims of abuseA shocking report from the Inspector General of the Chicago Public Schools indicated more than 600 verified instances where authority figures within the Chicago school district either groomed, engaged or raped their students. With that many victims, it is hard to believe the story is not … Continue reading The Grooming of a Society

Goodwill and Generosity

All the Christmas gifts have now been opened and the luster and glee of those items a bit worn off, the world is telling you that  it’s time to forget the Christmas season and start getting back to work. There is no argument here that Christmas can’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean that all … Continue reading Goodwill and Generosity

Christmas is More than Just a Day

With only a few days before Christmas, plenty of folks are quite busy getting ready to host family and friends and complete the final tasks necessary to enjoy the day.  As 2022 unfolded, the relentless stream of bad news streaked across television screens, internet sites and radio speakers. It’s a lot to take in and … Continue reading Christmas is More than Just a Day

Nationalism is Alive and Well

Countries Participating in the World Cup  have no problem with  NationalismIt’s official, the defending World Cup champions, France, will defend their title on Sunday against Argentina. For the past two weeks, national soccer teams across the world have met in Qatar, a small country jutting off the Arabian peninsula and competed to be the best … Continue reading Nationalism is Alive and Well

Corporations in Bed with the Feds

The blockbuster release of the Twitter files has proven the Federal government through their agencies, had actively engaged in swaying the last two election cycles. As reported in many media outlets the FBI met weekly with the power brokers of Twitter to suppress the Hunter Biden scandal months and weeks before the 2020 presidential election. … Continue reading Corporations in Bed with the Feds