Children’s Hospitals Aiding in Abuse

Catholic News Agency (CNA) recently reported that Boston Children’s Hospital housed promotional materials and videos on their website offering transgender medical interventions, including surgery for minors. After this information went viral on social media by a brave Twitter user named Billboard Chris, the hospital quickly deleted the videos and also changed the previously posted age for genital surgery from 17 to 18 years of age, clearly as a way to hide the fact that they were in fact castrating and sterilizing children.

But Boston Children’s is not the only major hospital treating kids with gender dysphoria. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, St. Louis Children’s  and Seattle’s Children’s Hospital,  are also offering what they euphemistically call “gender affirming care.”  This double speak is really just the experimentation and mutilation of children’s bodies. How could this horror be anything but physical and psychological child abuse?  

The supposed experts employed by these hospitals, staff like social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians and surgeons have gone from the Hippocratic Oath of, “Do no Harm” to prescribing the puberty blocker Lupron (a drug that is used to chemically castrate sex offenders and has been linked to numerous deaths) and surgically removing otherwise healthy organs. The American College of Pediatricians claims there is no evidence that transgender interventions are safe for children, nor have there been any long-term studies on its efficacy to promote improved mental health in children suffering from gender dysphoria.

The parents are equally to blame

If minors are allowed and encouraged to physically transition to the opposite sex through surgery, they will know no real intimacy and will basically become sterile and androgenous freaks. A girl who has a hysterectomy will never be able to give birth to a child. If she has a double mastectomy, she will never know the peace and love of nursing a small infant. A boy will never know the sense of joy and awe of becoming a father. These quacks are butchering children under the guise of tolerance and affirmation. 

To affirm a young child or adolescent with the outrageous idea that somehow, they were “assigned” the wrong sex at birth and are living in the wrong body, is also doing irrevocable psychological harm. Children are very impressionable and can easily be led down a path that is not rooted in reality. Youths also rely on the adults in their lives to keep them safe from harm and help them make important decisions, as their brain development is not fully complete until the age of 25. In what world would adults allow children to make life altering decisions accompanied with severe health related complications that will affect the rest of their lives? A world that has no sense of the Divine.

This whole transgender thing seems new and strange to us, but it is the same old story playing out since the beginning of time. Just as Satan said he would be like God, the adults leading children down this path of pain and misery are playing God – trying to be like the Creator and make something new, something better. But their paltry attempts are a failure at best.

A recent Heritage study found there were 1.6 more suicides per 100,000 for children ages 12 to 23 in states that allow minors access to puberty blockers and other gender-reassignment procedures. In addition, many recipients of these Mengele-like experimental surgeries live with constant pain, numbness and recurring infections. Others will have to endure more surgeries to correct a botched first attempt. Case in point the male to female teenage reality TV star, Jazz Jennings, who had severe complications and needed a fourth surgery. Who knows if that will be the last one? Mere human beings cannot begin to alter the complexity of the human body trying in vain to change it and expect it to work right.

We need to start actively pushing back against the obvious evil of child mutilation. You can start by watching the new anti-transgender documentary by Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh called, What is a Woman?. Educate yourself on the perversity of the transgender movement and start speaking out against it.  We can no longer be silent. 

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