The FBI Flaunts the Law

In our last post, The Classification Culture, GMC outlined the outrageous classification process prevalent within the federal government. Under the guise of protecting “national security” and their nebulous “sources and methods,” the intelligence community uses the classification system to hide evidence and defend themselves and their political cronies. When these agencies are queried at Congressional hearings, we always hear the droning bureaucrat glibly decline to answer due to “an ongoing investigation,” which is code for hiding the truth and stonewalling the American public.  The intelligence agencies also utilize the targeted leaking of selected classified information to friendly media sources to sway elections, mold public opinion, and target political adversaries. No doubt, no one trusts the FBI anymore. 

On Monday, Senator Chuck Grassley delivered an absolute bombshell on the Senate floor. He blew the whistle on the FBI’s redactions of an unclassified document called an FD-1023 regarding Joe and Hunter Biden’s pay-to-play. Members of the House Oversight Committee were only allowed to view the redacted version regarding what Grassley characterized as an alleged bribery scheme between then-Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden, and a foreign national.”  It is purported that Joe and Hunter Biden each received a $5 million bribe to help Burisma Holdings – a Ukrainian energy company.

The FBI Director, Christopher Wray, initially denied the existence of this FD-1023. Once Wray was threatened with contempt, he finally coughed it up. According to Rep. Nancy Mace, the House Oversight Committee members were brought to a SCIF  – a secured soundproof room in the basement of the capital. No electronic devices were allowed in the SCIF, and any notes taken while viewing the document were confiscated upon exit. The FD-1023 remained in possession of the FBI. In addition, the version of the FD-1023 provided to the House Oversight Committee was highly redacted. Why did the FBI impose all these extraordinary security requirements for an unclassified document?  

The answer is simple – to protect the Biden family and potentially their own agency’s malfeasance.  Senator Grassley, who had previously viewed the document without the numerous redactions, sounded the alarm and claimed that there are seventeen audio recordings regarding the bribery negotiations between the Biden’s and the foreign national they were working with. In his speech on the Senate floor, Grassley advocated, “Getting a complete 1023 is critical for the American people to know and understand the true nature of the document and to hold the Justice Department and FBI accountable.”

Grassley is correct. The American people deserve to know the truth about the allegations of corruption and treason that the president and his family may have engaged in. The FD-1023 is an unclassified document, and the FBI’s redactions and decision to keep it from the elected officials with an implied constitutional right to provide oversight of their agency is outrageous.

At a Senate Judiciary hearing on Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz grilled the Deputy Director of the FBI, Paul Abbate, about the Biden bribery scheme. In typical fashion, Abbate was evasive and refused to answer any questions citing that it is an ongoing investigation against the agency’s protocols.  Cruz was not having it and excoriated Abbate stating, “The FBI has right now an unlimited hubris, that you believe you are unaccountable. You don’t believe you are accountable to the United States Congress, and you don’t believe you are accountable to the American people. You are sitting there happily erecting a wall to protect Joe Biden.” 

But this is not the first time the FBI has deceived the public and tipped the political scales in favor of the Democrat party. It has been reported that the FBI was in possession of the Hunter Biden laptop since December 2019, resulting from a subpoena issued by a Wilmington, Delaware grand jury. Bill Barr recently corroborated this fact. The FBI had even visited the computer repair shop owner where Hunter had left it to verify its authenticity. Despite all this evidence, the FBI contacted Twitter before the 2020 election to suppress the Hunter laptop story as Russian disinformation. According to the owner of the computer repair shop owner, Paul Isacc, the FBI also apparently threatened him by stating, “It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things.”

So, with just this one example, the FBI has done the following to erode the faith in our premier law enforcement agency and has pushed our country to the brink:

  • Suppressed the treasonous behavior of the Biden family during a presidential election
  • Threatened the witness who provided Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI
  • Pushed propaganda on social media favoring one political party
  • Lied that an FD-1023 on the Biden bribery scheme ever existed
  • Refused to produce the unclassified FD-1023 document to Congressional oversight when requested
  • Redacted said document beyond recognition, making it practically impossible to share the truth of 1023 with the American people

The last six years have also shown us a myriad of other criminal offenses of the FBI: spying on a presidential candidate, pushing the fabricated Steele dossier, lying to the FISA court, falsifying documents, entrapment, persecution of pro-life leaders, trying to infiltrate traditional Catholic parishes, etc. What else is the FBI doing that we are not even aware of? Our country is on the precipice of falling into total banana republic status, and the FBI, with their political hit jobs and machinations, is taking us all over the cliff.

We must ensure that the FBI and all the other intelligence agencies are held accountable and kept in check. Call your Senators and Representatives and voice your concern about the FBI’s corruption, and demand that the Biden bribery scheme FD-1023 be released immediately to the American people. We deserve to know the truth.

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