Sussman Verdict: Truth Disregarded

On Tuesday, the first federal trial of ‘Russiagate’ ended in an acquittal of Michael Sussman charged with lying to the FBI. Reports during the two-week trial left a lot of people scratching their head about the efficacy and fairness of our present legal system.  Well known legal analysist, Jonathan Turley who is anything but a … Continue reading Sussman Verdict: Truth Disregarded

Biden’s new “Minister of Truth”

is a vulgar buffoon, but she’s dangerous Nina Jankowicz, the Biden Administration’s designate to head something called the new Disinformation Governance Board, is a dissembling political hack who wouldn’t know the Truth if it bit her in the nose. Jankowicz, 33, is a former global fellow at the Wilson Institute and a self-described expert in “disinformation.” According to the Wall … Continue reading Biden’s new “Minister of Truth”