Disney Hurting Children

Walt Disney must be turning in his grave.

In 1928, Walt Disney created the cartoon character Mickey Mouse to entertain children with lighthearted and morally accepted story lines. Soon after the rise of the famous Mouse many other well-known characters followed as the popularity of the Disney brand grew exponentially. Riding on the wave of success, Disney wanted to bring to life the cartoon characters in a theme park designed to bring families with children to visit his park.  He intended Disneyland to have educational as well as amusement value and to entertain adults and their children.  Disneyland was born and four other theme parks across the world were constructed after his death in 1966.

Fast forward to today. It seems the original charter of the Disney Corporation is long gone by the company’s present stance of vocally opposing the new Florida bill intended to protect children from being introduced to sexual topics at a young age.  After some criticism from a small number, the present CEO, Bob Chapek apparently apologized profusely for not speaking out against the new law erroneously called the “don’t say gay” bill. Chapek is more concerned with his LGBTQ+ followers than he does about the rest of the larger community not associated with the radical ideas and lifestyles of the LGBTQ+. Chapek grovels to the vocal activists by stating, “I missed the mark in this case,” he added, “but am an ally you can count on, and I will be an outspoken champion for the protections, visibility, and opportunity you deserve.” 

Good Moral Compasses previously wrote about the leaked zoom call indicating Disney wishes to clandestinely include in fifty percent of the new content produced, themes which are sexual in nature, especially when it comes to the priorities of the LGBTQ+ viewpoints. No longer is the LGBTQ+ agenda shrouded in the darkness, but open for all to see in many public schools and Disney entertainment.

The over sexualization and confusion of young children brought on by what was once seen as pillars of western civilization and culture is nothing short of abusing our young children. Instead of letting children develop naturally during an innocent time of their life, those determined to convert more over to their side are trying to manipulate the young minds by hiding it in entertainment.

 Whether you have young children or not, you should be outraged at what the Disney Corporation and others are doing to children.  It is nothing short of abuse. Recall, abuse is not only physical violence but also includes psychological and emotional abuse.  It is meant to control the victim and change their natural inclinations to suit the abusers.

Disney’s actions directly attack the child’s psychological and emotional well-being. Children are not equipped, nor should they be at a young age to understand and form an opinion about sexuality.  What is insidious, are teachers and Disney are seen by young children as authoritative role models, and hence the child merely absorbs and believe what is spoken to them without question. A vulnerable child being manipulated by Corporations and schools is what abuse is all about. The powerful exerting their will over the powerless.

We are called to protect our children whether they are our own or not.  Many parents are pushing back now, but one thing everyone can do is start defunding those companies who wish to be more woke than righteous. Start with Disney.    

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