You Should be Turning Red

A Review of Disney’s New Film

Last week Good Moral Compasses made a convincing case to dump Disney as the company’s actions are directly attacking the psychological and emotional well-being of children. You can read these articles Time to Dump Disney & Disney Hurting Children for an in-depth analysis.

Now we provide our readers with more proof of Disney’s not so hidden agenda by reviewing the newest Pixar streaming movie release on Disney+ called Turning Red. This film has been rated PG (parental guidance) and its genre is considered to be a family/comedy feature. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The film begins with voice of the main character Mei, a 13-year-old Asian girl, as she narrates, “The number one rule in my family? Honor your parents. Honoring your parents sounds great, but if you take it too far, well, you might forget to honor yourself.” Within the first minute of the movie, young viewers are encouraged to embrace a narcissistic philosophy, which is antithetical to true Christian virtue, while also giving them permission to disregard the wishes of their parents. The last time I checked, there was no commandment that compels Christians and Catholics to honor themselves, however the 4th Commandments does require a child to not only honor, but obey their parents.

According to Oscar Wilde, life does imitate art and where have we seen this insidious scene play out in real life? All you have to do is look to at the numerous stories from schools around the country that are allowing children to socially transition their sex by changing their identity, name and pronouns – all without parental consent. Thankfully many states are now enacting parental rights legislation which will hopefully stop these demonic influences.

In the film, adolescence is embodied by the main character suddenly turning into a red panda whenever she feels overly emotional. When this first happens, her mother believes it is Mei’s first menses and she brings into the bathroom sanitary pads, ibuprofen and a water bottle and asks her daughter, Did the red peony bloom?” There is also a scene where Mei goes underneath her bed and draws pictures of herself and a 17-year-old boy she has a crush on in a highly suggestive way. Her traditional Chinese mother finds these drawings and confronts Mei asking, “Did he do these things to you?” The red panda is also shown twerking in front of her mother. All of these examples point to the highly sexualized content of this movie. 

Remember, this film has been rated PG and is considered suitable for families with children of all ages. These topics are clearly not appropriate for family viewing. But it gets worse. At one point Mei is about to go out with friends and her mother says to her, “You’re not going out like that.” Mei replies, “My panda, my choice, mom!” This is clearly a reference to the left’s repulsive pro-abortion slogan, “My body, my choice.” Disney and Pixar have intentionally included this politically charged phrase in the movie to further influence and propagandize children to not only to openly defy their parents but to adopt a pro-abortion philosophy. This is truly despicable. Overall, the other children depicted in the film are incredibly rude and often overtly lie to their parents further eroding the rightful claim that parents have over how they raise their children.

Predictably the left’s mouthpieces (the mainstream media and the so-called experts) are enamored with this movie. The New York Times actually printed the following parental advice for the idiot parents who might actually allow small children to watch this abomination, “If your child watches “Turning Red” before having learned what periods are, you could use the scene as an opportunity to explain the concept to them, Dr. Smetana said. Lauren Tetenbaum, a social worker based in Westchester, N.Y., said she explained to her 5-year-old son that Mei got her period “because that’s what happens to girls when they become teenagers.” And this from the Independent, “Turning Red is a charming coming-of-age story with lovely pops of imagination and a refreshing lack of queasiness when it comes to its themes of puberty and adolescent sexuality.”

The only positive aspect of the entire Disney debacle is that the mask of the radical left is completely off now. We see clearly now that there are no longer any boundaries or safeguards to protect innocent children from overt sexualization and indoctrination. Nothing appears to be off limits or too controversial. Decorum and decency no longer exist in mainstream entertainment. LGBTQ+ adults and their allies seem all too happy to groom small children under the guise of cultural progress and personal freedom. Theirs is a constant obsession with sex and these people are all too happy to bring this depravity to innocent children regardless of their spiritual and emotional maturity. There isn’t a millstone big enough for these monsters.

Christian and Catholic parents need to get their heads out of the sand and start pushing back. Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on the church to provide us with any moral backing.

It is your responsibility to safeguard your children from these demonic influences. Be vigilant and preview the media your child is consuming. Monitor their time online. You cannot be too busy or involved in your own life or career to renege on this, your greatest responsibility. Let your child remain a child and when the time is right, teach them yourself, from a Christian perspective, about God’s gift of life and the inherent responsibility that goes along with it.   


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