Where Misguided Compassion Leads

Someone should tell Lia Thomas and Sam Brinton they really don’t have the power to deny nature

If you had any doubt that the gender movement originates from evil desires, consider the following stories from two highly celebrated alphabet activists, William “Lia” Thomas and Sam Brinton.

Thomas gained national notoriety when, as a biological male, he swam for the Penn women’s team. In 2022 he appropriated the NCAA national championship in the 500-yard freestyle. It’s interesting to note that Thomas is 6’ 1” with massive shoulders and a streamlined male form perfect for gliding through the water. It is no wonder he beat the women. At the time, there was much controversy about his participation in the NCAA championship, but Thomas soon fell out of the public discourse, until just a few weeks ago.

A true female competitor of Thomas and an All American from Kentucky named, Riley Gaines, recently appeared on a sports show called Crain and Company to discuss her experience at the NCAA championship competing against a biological man. After the interview, one of the hosts of the show, Jake Crain, laid out some disturbing information about Thomas and his partner in this Twitter thread (WARNING – content is highly offensive).  Without getting into the sordid details, Thomas repeatedly demonstrates a propensity for perverted sexual fetish called autogynephilia (Google this absurdity) throughout his social media posts. His partner has also publicly posted various images of satanic artwork and pictures of himself in immodest outfits.

Then there is bizarre story of Sam Brinton. Brinton was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Biden administration before he got fired for stealing women’s luggage from both the Las Vegas and Minneapolis-St. Paul airports. One of Brinton’s victims seems to be a Tanzanian fashion designer. The designer claims she lost a bag at a D.C. airport in 2018 and posted a picture on Twitter of Brinton wearing one of her original custom dresses. Apparently, Brinton’s sexual fetish is wearing the stolen clothing of female strangers.

It would be bad enough if the alphabet activists did their dirty deeds in private and left the rest of us alone, but these psychologically and spiritually troubled people insist that we not only have to tolerate and accept them, but also affirm their perverted fetishes. In our GMC article, Where Temptation Thrives: The Dessert, Raphael Peters argues that offering a false sense of compassion to someone like this is a classic trick of the devil. He states, It starts first with a misguided sense of compassion. Who wants anyone to suffer? No one. Using unconditional compassion as a starting point, the devil uses the fertile soil of misguidedness to trick people into believing they have the ultimate power to create on their own.” This is precisely what the transgender movement is – denying the creation of the God who made you and making yourself your own god, who wrongly thinks you are capable creating a new and different creation on your own.

There are too many so-called conservative people who refuse to firmly push back on this sick ideology which is systematically being shoved down the throats of our young. Daily Wire host, Matt Walsh, was called out by many, supposedly on our side, for his honest assessment of the perversion of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. In his “heartfelt message” to Mulvaney who underwent cosmetic surgery on his face to look more feminine Walsh noted, “You are a man deprived of all of the best qualities of men, but without any of the best qualities of women. Everything about you is fake. Nor will you ever be able to fully escape the identity you are fleeing.” For telling the honest, brutal truth to Mulvaney, Walsh was pilloried for being “mean and unkind” not only by alphabet activists, but those who consider themselves to be Christian conservatives.

Walsh has since countered with the following video and good for him for not backing down or apologizing to the woke mob including well known conservative pundits. Walsh admits he has righteous anger, but that anger is totally justified. The alphabet activists are grooming and targeting defenseless children. They are promoting the mutilation and sterilization of minors. We should all be outraged.

False compassion will not help these sick and perverted people and if you too give in to the unnatural habits and fetishes of the gender crowd, you are really aiding and abetting the evil one. This movement has, and never will be about equal rights. It is about rebelling against the natural law and the authority of God Himself. Christians can no longer be silent in the face of this grave evil.

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