Chaos in the Skies?

Is this the remake of Orson Welles 1938 “War of the Worlds” or is it Something New?

In the last eight days, four unidentified flying objects have been identified over North America. All of them have been shot down. Last week, GMC raised legitimate questions about the intracontinental Chinese spy balloon in our article Sovereignty Slipping Away and then we followed up with an in-depth analysis of why this embarrassment was allowed to happen in  America Rots – Xi Jinping Laughs.

Not in our wildest dreams did we think that three more sightings would occur within a week’s time. On Friday, Feb. 9 a flying object the size of a small car was shot down over Alaska. On Saturday, Feb. 11 an unidentified cylindrical object was detected over the Yukon in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that American F-22 fighters had shot the object down and that the Canadian government would be responsible for recovering the remains of the aircraft.

Late Saturday night, yet another sighting was initially reported in Montana, and then later on  flying over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron on Sunday, Feb. 12. Some believe this to be the same aircraft that had simply traversed the country in an easterly direction just like the original Chinese spy balloon. This object was described as octagonal in shape with strings hanging from it.  NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) detected what they termed a “radar anomaly” in Montana and sent fighter jets to investigate. They apparently couldn’t find anything in the skies that matched up with the coordinates, so nothing was done. If this was indeed the same aircraft, it was later shot down over the open waters of Lake Huron.

The head of NORAD, General Glen Van Heck, issued a rather hyperbolic statement on Sunday after the Lake Huron incident. When asked whether these airships might be of alien origin, he responded, “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.”  Without any real information to share, this is a highly irresponsible comment for a top military official to say. It does nothing but stoke fear and it certainly sounds like a way to shift the public’s attention away from other problems the Biden administration is facing.

As usual, the National Security Council also went into overdrive on spin as their communications coordinator, Admiral John Kirby, appeared on multiple networks. In one interview with MSNBC he claimed that these flying objects could really be commercial or private research vehicles that were just flying at too low of an altitude and posed a risk to commercial airlines. Between Van Heck and Kirby we go from the sublime (aliens) to the ridiculous (weather balloons) and neither option is very credible. Kirby also said that as of Monday, they haven’t been able to gain access to any of the wreckages shot down over the weekend due to weather conditions or being underwater. This speaks to gross incompetence on the part of the military that planned these offensives.

The Pentagon also provided some propagandistic double speak to muddy the waters. Department of Defense officials are now claiming there was a “domain awareness gap” which is a fancy way to say that these objects have been flying around us all along, including during the Trump administration, but they just didn’t realize they were there.  As Kash Patel, former Chief of Staff for the Secretary of Defense during the Trump administration, said on Steve Bannon’s War Room, “It is Pentagon created verbiage to say, we are retroactively covering our hides because this White House has screwed up the military operations of this country so much.”  

The American people are again left with many unanswered questions.

  1. Why are the unidentified objects being blown to smithereens with $400,000 sidewinder missiles? Wouldn’t this make it next to impossible to retrieve any identifiable parts or usable intelligence?
  2. Why weren’t unmanned drones used to pull down the Chinese spy balloon in an effort to preserve more of the components without completely destroying it? Are government actors actively trying to destroy evidence?
  3. If the first balloon posed absolutely no threat as it was allowed to travel across the entire continent, why shoot the new ones down so quickly?
  4. Do they really think we are going to believe that with current technology invasions into our sovereign air space were not able to be detected until last week?
  5. Why haven’t there been better recovery efforts to gain access to the downed aircraft?
  6. Is the “aliens might be visiting us” narrative just another scare tactic by the Deep State to get the American people back into compliance now that Covid-19 has ended?
  7. Why allow the leaks of this information regarding unidentified flying objects without at least providing a believable backstory?
  8. Are these new incidents even real? How do we know for sure? Where is the evidence?
  9. Are there rogue elements within our own government responsible that are actually using these aircraft to surveil American citizens?
  10. The US government just issued a warning for all American citizens to leave Russia immediately. Are these incidents somehow related to an escalation of our proxy war with Russia?

Unfortunately, after living through all the lies and misrepresentations our government propagated during Covid-19, it is getting harder and harder to believe anything that comes out of Washington D.C. This is a sad state of affairs, especially if we do end up in some kind of global conflict. Pray it doesn’t come to that.



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