When You Realize Your Country Is Corrupt

For those old enough to remember when Eastern Europe was in the grips of communist control, word came out from behind the iron curtain as to the rampant corruption of these puppet governments. In the Soviet Union, it was commonly known that those staunch advocates and cronies of the political system did very well economically … Continue reading When You Realize Your Country Is Corrupt

The Complicated FTX Corruption

Shortly after the mid-term elections, a rather unusual story broke in the news. It was the downfall of a Bahama based crypto currency exchange called FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried. Another large exchange, Binance, began questioning the value of FTX on Twitter.  The Binance CEO announced he was liquidating his FTX stock and accused … Continue reading The Complicated FTX Corruption

Another Leak? Spare Me

Recently, the struggling Washington Post published an exclusive story about a leak generated from the Department of Justice indicating the Trump raid yielded a document about a foreign country’s military and nuclear capabilities.  What exactly the document revealed is unknown, other than the vague description of highly, highly, highly, super extra duty top secret. I … Continue reading Another Leak? Spare Me