Another Leak? Spare Me

Recently, the struggling Washington Post published an exclusive story about a leak generated from the Department of Justice indicating the Trump raid yielded a document about a foreign country’s military and nuclear capabilities.  What exactly the document revealed is unknown, other than the vague description of highly, highly, highly, super extra duty top secret. I hope we are not disappointed in finding out it was actually a cocktail napkin with Trump’s hand drawn picture of a rocket (man) with the letters “N.K.” below it.

A bit facetious, certainly. There are few responses a rational and unemotional observer can produce after years of living through numerous governmental leaks, all laced with misinformation and downright falsehoods.

The media has been the willing lapdog of the Democratic Party and the institutions they inhabit for quite a while now. Gone are the days of media independence, when the story was verified by reporters as true by investigating and asking tough questions instead of just receiving information from “anonymous” sources without checking the veracity of the information. Leaks are becoming a well-rehearsed and choregraphed dance where the Deep State and the media all play a part. The Democrat Party propagates the information and hands it over to their handmaid reporters whose job is to incorporate the propaganda in a storyline, then have it published and hopefully win Pulitzer Prizes. The leakers are all too happy because the propaganda they peddle is exposed to a bigger audience.

One of the most recognizable newspapers, the New York Times was happy to run untrue articles about Russiagate until they had to finally admit what they were peddling was a hoax.  The Washington Post also printed fiction during the whole episode until it was finally debunked. Both papers won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting leaks and falsehoods about Russia, Russia, Russia.  No doubt the Democrats and the media won big during Russiagate by monopolizing two years of national attention on a political conspiracy.

As if Russiagate isn’t bad enough. On the heels of what should be the greatest scandal in American History,  the anonymous whistleblower of the infamous Ukrainian call was canonized as an unknown courageous saint by speaking out against the evils of Trump. In both cases, the headlines for most major newspapers in the country dutifully reported the leaks coming out of the White House, the Intelligence Community and the DOJ all meant to cause harm to the Trump Administration. Over the years, the Democratic Party and their elites have transformed what could be helpful in combatting corruption into a weapon on the body politic. In the current state of affairs, leaks are meant to do damage to their opponents and nothing else.

The major reason why the tactic of leaking is so successful is because once an allegation is made through a leak, the negative impact on the victim is instantaneous. It really doesn’t matter if the leak is true or not, the initial damage is done by creating a negative impression about the person to voters.  The psychological scheme almost always works because the leakers are banking on the public having very short memories. If the leak is later proven false, as with Russiagate or Ukraine, the perpetrators could care less because the stated objective of negative impression has already been met. Obviously, it is a useful, albeit unethical weapon, against a political opponent. Don’t think leaks will end anytime soon for this very reason.

Such is the state of the country today.  With the latest leak about some nebulous codes or some other nuclear nonsense, the DOJ is hoping to strengthen their case against their archnemesis by trying to sway public opinion about the unprecedented raid on President Trump’s Mar-a- Lago home.  The negative narrative is already unleashed upon the public with the unspoken meaning of guilty until proven innocent.

What is so sad about the latest leak is what the DOJ thinks about the acumen of the citizens they are supposed to serve instead of propagandize. The latest leak is banking on the public to be too stupid or ill-informed not to figure out their ploy. The Democrats and those who make up the permanent unelected deep state truly dislike the public and think they can continually use the same plan over and over again without anyone noticing.

Time to start challenging their thinking.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you.”

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