The Complicated FTX Corruption

Shortly after the mid-term elections, a rather unusual story broke in the news. It was the downfall of a Bahama based crypto currency exchange called FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Another large exchange, Binance, began questioning the value of FTX on Twitter.  The Binance CEO announced he was liquidating his FTX stock and accused Bankman-Fried of, “lobby[ing] against other industry players behind their back.” These tweets essentially created an old-fashioned run on the bank.  The fraud was then exposed as customers were not able to access their funds as their assets were never protected.

FTX was essentially a Ponzi scheme as Bankman-Fried used investor’s money without their knowledge to shore up his girlfriend’s (Caroline Ellison) hedge fund called Alameda Research through shady backdoor transfers.  Alameda engaged in risky trades and lost much of the FTX customer’s investments. Why anyone trusted this guy and his polyamorous group of decadent youth is beyond comprehension.

Probably because he was propped up by none other than likes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Orlando Bloom, and Katy Perry to name a few. Even Tom Brady was in on it and made a cringy ad encouraging people to invest in FTX. This case also reminds me of another so-called prodigy, Elizabeth Holmes, who was just sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for her fraud in the Theranos scandal. At one point Theranos had an elite board of directors including Henry Kissinger, George Schultz and James Mattis. Makes you wonder about the judgement of our so-called betters. But I digress…

Bankman-Fried was lauded by mainstream media as a wonder boy and praised for his “effective altruism” of donating millions to many leftist progressive causes. Bankman-Fried has given $50 million dollars to Democrats for the recent midterm elections and was their second largest donor falling only behind the infamous George Soros. FTX also has given $23 million to republicans and conservative groups most notably political grifters and Uni-party members. The family also has ties to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and Bankman-Fried was a featured speaker at Davos last May. He allegedly met with the Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Gary Gensler and no one seems to know where Bankman-Fried got the initial investment to start FXT in the first place.

FTX also has some kind of financial partnership with Ukraine and here is where the story gets even stranger.  Coin Desk reported in March of 2022 that the Ukrainian government partnered with FTX to convert crypto into fiat currency for the war effort.  Bankman-Fried tweeted about giving each Ukrainian $25 on FTX in February of 2022. Steve Robinson from the Maine Wire makes this valid point, “If Ukrainian relief money was flowing onto FTX’s books, that would raise serious questions for the U.S. government, considering U.S. taxpayers have shelled out more than $60 billion in aid for Ukraine’s war effort.” Why exactly did U.S. war aid wind up on a crypto exchange? 

Ukrainian officials have now refuted the claim that they were money laundering taxpayer funding through FTX. However, these are the same officials that have been ranked an abysmal 122 out of 180 countries on the corruption scale by  Transparency International.  Don’t forget that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also banned all unfavorable opposition media last year. Ukraine does not have a reputation for honesty or integrity.

GMC has already exposed the quagmire of the Ukrainian conflict in an article published in March of this year which highlights the dark entanglements that have been aligned with this country for years including the Biden’s, Clinton’s, and George Soros. Is it too far-fetched to think that Ukraine is the laundromat for the Marxist democrat party and their ‘New World Order’ friends? Or was this spectacle merely an exercise to push for regulations on crypto currency so that free thinking people will not be able to buy and sell without our overlords monitoring our every purchase and controlling our funds? Or was this a CIA endeavor to funnel funds to rebel groups and regime change revolutionaries without a paper trail as some surmise? Time will tell.

What is glaringly obvious is that these FTX employees, and Elizabeth Holmes for that matter, have no moral compass. Whether they were taught the difference between right and wrong as children is not clear, however the scourge of moral relativism and loss of adherence to any kind of moral code like the Ten Commandments has shaped these young people into those who are willing to lie, cheat and steal without recrimination. They assuage their conscience by actively supporting things like abortion, climate change, LGBTQ and other progressive causes and they are affirmed in these delusions by a secular and Godless world.

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