When You Realize Your Country Is Corrupt

For those old enough to remember when Eastern Europe was in the grips of communist control, word came out from behind the iron curtain as to the rampant corruption of these puppet governments. In the Soviet Union, it was commonly known that those staunch advocates and cronies of the political system did very well economically and socially. At the same time, the average citizens had very little. Corruption was at the heart of the Soviet government. More recently, the sweetheart country called Ukraine has been steeped in corruption long before Russia invaded her.       

Americans have been conditioned to believe that all of the shenanigans of crooked governments were something that happened overseas but not here. The blissfulness Americans once enjoyed thinking their government was interested in serving constituents, has been shattered by undeniable reports that can no longer be ignored.

One such example is the mainstream media doing everything in its power not to report on the corruption of the first family. The Hunter Biden scandal, where U.S. influence was sold for profit, is barely mentioned.  Some news organizations like the New York Post have reported on the corruption of the Biden family, but few other national news organizations have followed suit. Many small but vocal proponents of freedom and justice are spreading the word of truth in alternative ways using the internet and podcasts. The public finally realizes the corruption of politicians, and the once revered institutions like the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and CDC have all been compromised.

What can you do as a citizen when realizing that the country you love is utterly corrupt?  Sure, you can hope for the next election to swap out the politicians in office, but with no term limits, those flush with campaign cash and power often retain their seats. Electing a new president could change the trajectory and bring the government back to its original charter of working for the people instead of a few lining their own pockets. Even with a new president, the deep state is entrenched and hell-bent on keeping the status quo. Just ask Donald Trump about that idea.  So, what can you do?

Whenever a problem needs rectification, wise men and women have historically sought out the wisdom of God. The informative conversation between King David and the prophet Nathan is a good starting point. After David had an adulterous affair with Bathsheba and she was with child, he first tried to trick Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, into having relations with her and pin the blame for the new child on him. A devoted soldier, Uriah refused to have relations with his wife while the battle waged on. Failing to trick him, David put Uriah on the front line and ordered his men to retreat, leaving Uriah exposed and killed. King David used his power and corrupted it for his gain. The story doesn’t end there.  

During an audience with David, Nathan proposed a hypothetical case about a poor man with a young lamb taken away by a wealthy man out of sheer greed and audacity. Nathan said a rich man could afford to procure a lamb for his friends, yet he stole the ewe from his poor neighbor to use as his own. When David heard the story, he became incensed and responded to Nathan that the rich man should pay with his life.  Unknowingly, David had accused himself of the same crime, to which Nathan replied, “You are the man.

The first step in the country’s renewal is to come to grips with something hard to accept; the country we love is corrupt. “We are the country.” When David was confronted and fully realized the evil he had done, he repented. We are a country that needs to repent. The millions of abortions; greed; the lunacy of the trans movement; sexual immorality; and the loss of the need for God has made the United States almost unrecognizable. Many in the country, leaders and ordinary folk are still steeped in sin; for them, corruption is nothing more than how things are done. It is unrealistic to think this ilk will repent, so we must do it for the country’s future.  Repent? Christians must repent because they are part of the business, education, and government cesspit.  

The next logical question is, what good will it do if only good people repent and not all of them? Again, the truth of God shines through in scripture. Recall that Abraham came to a place called Sodom and Gomorrah, where the sin was so great that the very existence of these places was on the brink of being destroyed by God. Abraham asked God whether he would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if only fifty righteous people were there, for he reasoned that killing the wicked with the righteous would be unjust.  God told Abraham that he would not destroy fifty if they were righteous. Abraham continued. What if there were only forty, thirty, twenty, or even ten righteous people? God responded, for the sake of the ten, I will not destroy it.

For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it. These words should give hope to all Christians. However small in number, those righteous must remain faithful in their personal and public lives without giving in to peer pressure so that the number will stay at least ten. When the level of corruption is unimaginable in the country you love, despair and apathy cannot be an option. You have a choice, repent for yourself or others because of their sins and continue to be faithful and righteous, asking God to help us save this great land even if the number pleading with him is small.

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