Abortion: fifty years of lies

An Open Letter to all Women Born After 1973

Unfortunately, you were born in the time after Roe v. Wade, which egregiously declared a purported constitutional right to an abortion in 1973.  Since the time you could intellectually and emotionally understand what an abortion was, you have been fed a steady diet of feminist propaganda and outright lies – not only about the case itself, but also about the origins of Planned Parenthood and the serious consequences that followed after this infamous decision.

To begin with, the original case of Roe v. Wade. The plaintiff, Jane Roe (a.k.a. Norma McCorvey), claimed she needed an abortion because she had been raped in 1969. McCorvey later recanted this statement saying she wanted the abortion solely for economic reasons and hoped the rape story might garner some sympathy from her doctor.  Attorneys representing her continued to peddle this lie during oral arguments, and it was not until 1987 that Roe recanted her rape claim. While abortion proponents to this day argue that the alleged rape had nothing to do with the ultimate decision, it set up a false narrative that Roe was a victim of a violent attack who deserved to receive justice.

The main architect of Roe, Justice Harry Blackman, used as a rationale for allowing legal abortion in the United States the research of rabid abortion activist, Cyril Means Jr., who provided a fabricated history that abortion was a common and legal in Colonial America. It was not. He also lied about the reason abortion laws were on the books in the 19th century. Means claimed they were in place only to protect the mother, not the child. This is also demonstrably false. There was no historical precedent for legal abortion in the United States before Roe v. Wade.

The Roe v. Wade decision claimed there was an inherent “right” within the Constitution for a woman to have an abortion. This so-called right is neither implicitly or explicitly enumerated. It was made up from whole cloth. Even left leaning scholars who personally support abortion have acknowledged that the decision was never legally grounded. Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe stated, “behind its own verbal smokescreen, the substantive judgement on which it rests is nowhere to be found.” Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg was quoted as saying that, “Roe ventured too far in the change it ordered and presented an incomplete justification for its action.”

You were also told that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a feminist hero and a defender of women. She was not. In reality Sanger was a racist of the worst kind advocating the decimation of the black community. She was a professed eugenicist and was quoted as saying blacks were, “reckless breeders,” and “human weeds.”  Planned Parenthood finally had to face the truth and distanced themselves from the memory of Sanger, but her racist legacy lives on.  Now you know why so many Planned Parenthood clinics, to this day, are found in black neighborhoods.  Nationally, an astounding 474 out of a 1000 of all black babies are aborted. Margaret Sanger’s goal has been accomplished – the genocide of the black community.  

You were told that abortions would be “safe, legal, and rare.”  Just like everything else you were told these were all lies too. Obviously, abortion is never safe for the unborn baby, but mothers also experience many physical complications including bleeding, infections and damage to the womb as well as psychological conditions like increased risk for depression, anxiety and suicide. Also, abortions have not been rare. Since 1973, 63 million babies from your generations have been exterminated. In contrast, the holocaust claimed the lives of 6 million innocent lives – abortion has killed a staggering ten times that amount.

You were told that the unborn baby was just a “clump of cells” and that the fetus does not feel discomfort when being forcibly removed from the uterus. Recent advances in science and technology have shown that an unborn baby can feel pain as the nervous system begins to develop as early as 12 weeks gestation. The unborn child is not offered any anesthetic whatsoever during an abortion. Abortionists know that the mother will not feel the baby’s pain as he/she is a distinct and separate person. This flies in the face of the “my body, my choice” argument. The unborn child is certainly not the mother’s body or she would feel the pain of dismemberment as well.

By design, you were never shown the horrific images of aborted babies. This was to keep you in the dark about the true nature of this procedure. You were lulled into an ignorance based on a phony decorum about what actually happens when a small baby is pulled from its mother’s womb to ensure your continued support of this barbaric process. If you are now ready to accept the truth of the cruel nature of abortion, visit Pro-Life Vanguard which houses graphic abortion images and the movie Silent Scream depicting an abortion at eleven weeks.

You were not told that The United States has one of the most liberal abortion policies (after 20 weeks and up until the moment of birth in some states) which is on par with tyrannical dictatorship countries like North Korea and China.  

You were constantly reminded that you would not be able to achieve your career goals without abortion. You were told that the only way to be truly empowered and free from the patriarchy was to have the right to kill your own child. By now, you must know in your heart that this makes absolutely no sense, as there are probably many examples of women in both your family and social circles who have successfully juggled careers and children.  You also know in your heart to willfully hurt someone else for your own gain is morally wrong.

In short, you have been lied to and used your entire life by those who have profited (yes profited!) from the extermination of 63 million Americans. Planned Parenthood has acknowledged that they sell the baby parts for experimentation with the sole purpose of making money.

All generations look for a way to make their mark on history and yours can be the one that finally says no to this barbarous practice. We are facing the civil rights issue of our time and like the brave men and women who fought against slavery, which denied the very personhood of some individuals, you too can stand up for the personhood of the unborn child – the most vulnerable member of our society.

If you have had an abortion, do not despair as there is hope. Our God is a God of mercy and your own culpability has been greatly diminished by lies you have been bombarded with by those who sought to use your pain and unfortunate circumstances as a means to enhance their financial gain and advance their raw political power. You cannot undo what has been done, but you can protect the next generation of young girls and women from being similarly exploited. My dear sisters, stand up for all women and fight for the end of abortion in America. 

God Bless You All,

Mary Accipiter

Editor’s note: If you have had an abortion and need hope and help, reach out to Project Rachel.

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