Life Has Won a Battle

present-day David and Goliath

For fifty years faithful Catholics and Christians have peacefully protested and prayed against the scourge of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling which gave license for Americans to kill another human being without consequence. St. John Paul II in his encyclical, Evangelium Vitae (Gospel of Life)  correctly observed that humanity is living in a “Culture of Death.”

In January 2022, Good Moral Compasses predicted the landmark decision Roe vs. Wade is on thin ice due to the fact there are many young adults have rejected the culture of death propaganda and are becoming prolife citizens.  

On Friday the Supreme Court ruled there is nothing in the United States Constitution which affords the “right” of any person to take the life of another through the heinous practice of abortion. Although the Court struck down the “federal right” it did not eliminate abortion. Neither did it make any moral pronouncements as Justice Kavanaugh noted in his opinion.  

Regardless of how we have come to this decision, it is clear the hand of God is at work, and importantly, the many prayers of the faithful living and dead are heard.  God indeed works in very mysterious ways and the means by which we have come to this historic time could never have been predicted, although many pundits try. The first stone has been hurled at the head of the evil Goliath.

Metaphorically, Goliath is a huge and ominous foe in service to the darkness of evil.  It includes many of our present institutions bent on convincing people perversion is the new progression of humanity. Mass media, tech, education, politics, the legal system, corporations and eugenics proponents compose the giant which has brow beaten the public into thinking the killing of another human being is “health care” for woman, but never is it mentioned about the health care for her unborn baby. The absurdity is beginning to be noticed.

Since the present law still allows abortion in States, the Goliath has not yet fallen to the ground, and the fight for life still continues.  Profilers should never doubt God is with them in their mission. As little as a half year ago, the fifty years of carnage seemed as though it would go on for another fifty or one hundred years. How happy our doubts were dashed by the power of God’s hand intervening in a most spectacular way.

Abortion is the Apex of the EVIL Triangle

Since it is undeniable the hand of God is at work through human agency in getting this far, there is a sure and certain hope all good- willed Christians can continue to work to change the evil which has plagued the world for far too long.  Abortion is ground zero. When the evil of abortion is brought to a greater light, the reasons and practices are indefensible.

The prolife movement started over 50 years ago in earnest and could never have envisioned abortion as cutting the wake for the numerous sexual perversions which are its ugly offspring, but that is exactly what has happened.   

Our fight for human life obviously is still directed toward the vulnerable in the womb, but it must also include the many souls who have been born and are dying by the ideologies which degrades their very personhood by the falsehood they can be different from what they were created to be—”male and female he created them, be fertile and multiply.”   

The story of the present-day David and Goliath has begun, and we are willing to continue to fight for life, no matter how big the giant appears to be.   

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