The Birth of the New Robber Barons

Corporate Funding of Abortions is the key to corporate power and control of Women

In response to the historic reversal of Roe v. Wade, many woke corporations have offered to provide their employees stipends for travel to seek abortions out of state, if the state they currently reside in does not have legal access.  These corporate policies are far from compassionate and have everything to do with using women as objects to increase profits and destroy family bonds, all of which profits the companies.

Some of those corporations offering this bizarre benefit to child bearing aged women are the following:  Amazon, Apple , Bumble, Citigroup, Conde Nast (owner of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker & Wired magazines), Dicks Sporting Goods, Disney, DoorDash,  JP Morgan Chase, Levi Strauss, Lyft, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Microsoft, Netflix, Starbucks, Tesla, Warner Brothers, and Yelp. 

The first step for all of us who value life, is to begin to cease doing business with these corporations that are actively aiding and abetting the death of unborn children. GMC has already advised our readers to Dump Disney in a previous article. If you have not already done so, this should be the final nail in Mickey Mouse’s coffin. How much more will it take before you realize that today’s Disney is not the wholesome company of your youth? Not only are they actively promoting LGBTQ+ children’s programming, they are now also paying for their employee’s abortions!

Catholics and Christians cannot continue to pour money into the coffers of these woke companies that are in direct conflict with our morals and values. By financially supporting them, we become willing accomplices in the willful killing of human life. It may take some time to fully transition your credit cards, mortgage, cell phone etc., but take the first step and commit to pull the plug and support local and regional businesses that are not pushing the Marxist left agenda. If you are a stockholder, you can also express your disapproval that corporate funds are being used for immoral purposes. You still have the power of your pocketbook. An easy way to fight the evil in our world is to spend your money judiciously.

Corporations Are Not helping Women, they are using them as Indentured servants

The abortion travel stipend policy is not only bad for babies, it also targets pregnant employees. Instead of offering paid maternity leave and a stipend of equal value for newborn expenses, these corporations are actually saving money while exploiting women. Once an employee has the abortion, Human Resources expects them to be back to work in just a few days. Contrast that with the average maternity leave which is normally 10 weeks

The woman who has the abortion does not need to be replaced. There is no need to interview and hire a temporary employee or farm the workload out to existing teams. When she does return, her pile of work will be right there where she left it, and there will be little loss of productivity – a perfect scenario for corporate America.

In addition, there will probably be fewer sick days for barren workers as women won’t need to take time off for an ill child or to take care of other parental responsibilities as the child grows. Corporations prefer childless women because they feel that they will be more invested in the company, more productive and more loyal employees. They view women as commodities in their unending quest to make profits, and mothers with children certainly can throw a monkey wrench into this plan.

Unfortunately, a woman who takes a corporation up on their self-serving offer to fund an abortion, will not realize that she is actually being used. At first, she will not see the sexist nature of this policy and may only realize later that she was robbed out of one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have, motherhood.  She may come to see that her only worth and value is to the increase the bottom line of the place she works for. This may leave her broken, empty and regretful for the lost opportunity and love a child might have brought her. 

On top of all this, these abortion stipend policies are highly discriminatory in nature. The corporations claim that they are helping to provide “reproductive health care” for their female pregnant employees, but are they also willing to pay stipends for other employees (including men) that may need to seek out of state healthcare? Will they pay for an employee to go to the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins for specialized treatments or procedures? The answer is highly unlikely.

We find ourselves is some very unsettling times. It appears that many institutions and organizations around us that we once trusted and were, for the most part, silent on moral issues are now actively promoting an anti-Christian agenda. Be aware, make informed decisions and try to the best of your ability to support businesses that  promote life.

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