England: Christians now the Minority


Common knowledge and anecdotal evidence make it clear Christianity is becoming a minority religion in most civilized western countries. With the recent data mined by England’s Census, the claim is no longer conjecture but fact. Only 46.2% of the population of England and Wales identify as Christians, a 13-percentage point decline or 5.5 million in just 10 years. With the numbers of those who identify as Christians is diminishing, those who claim no religious affiliation at all, is on the rise. Thirty two percent of the citizens of England and Wales have no religious affiliation at all.

The census also indicates a rise in paganism with 74,000 individuals in England and Wales identifying with the antithesis of Christianity.  Although the numbers are not very high yet, the increase is alarming and notice should be taken because England is not atypical. Human beings need to wordship something, and when a void is exposed, it will be filled, even with something as objectionable as paganism.

Part of the Problem are Self-Inflicted Wounds

For too long the secular element in society raged war against anything religious, taking specific aim at Christianity. The secularist used everything at their disposal to keep religion out of the public square in civilized societies. There were, and still are, legal fights about prayer in public places, litigation against religious symbols on government property, and the demand Christian companies acknowledge and serve progressives who are attempting to normalize immorality. So far, the progressives have run very successful campaigns.

To be fair, the secular progressives are a relentless type, dedicating whole NGO’s along with their full time workers to radically change society to reflect an anti-Christian environment. One such example is Media Matters which has been around for some time with the sole purpose of destroying the narratives of middle road and conservative voices in America. The constant barrage and brainwashing against Judeo-Christian values is regrettably taking its toll on our society in general and individuals in particular.

Some of the blame however must be placed on the doorstep of organized religion. They have long ceased to be an instrument of evangelization and more a mouth piece of social justice. Very rarely do you hear from the religious in authority the only way to eternal salvation is through Christ. You never hear publicly: the Church is the bride of Christ and the instrument by which souls can be saved. What you do hear profusely is all about the injustice practiced against the poor, gun control, illegal immigration redefined as migration and a host more of civil maladies.

When the opportunity arises to take a rightful place in the public square, the authorities decline, such as the case in our country by calling out high ranking political figures who open identify as Catholic, yet, encourage and vote for legislation in direct opposition to their stated beliefs. Only a scintilla of fraternal correction is ever spoken. A faith which cannot articulate succinctly and clearly its beliefs, will be a religion in decline.  

With lack luster evangelization and the downplaying of the necessary fight between good and evil and its eternal consequences, the loss of Christians to other pseudo spiritual endeavors is not all that surprising.

Those who still believe cannot rely on others alone, they must continue their own fight with people close to them. Out of love, the desire to help one save his soul should be primary over a superficial and peaceful relationship. Evangelize those around you with the joyous message of Christianity and follow it up by the way you choose to live.  Be examples of generosity and moral living and never be embarrassed to speak about God and his only Son, Jesus Christ.   

Stay true to the Gospel and know your salvation is not just an individual concern but a communal one as well.   

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