The Marxist State of America Do Not Want Free Elections

On July 18, the Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel (a practicing homosexual who once was quoted as saying there should be a drag queen in every school), indicted sixteen so-called ‘fake electors’ for signing a certificate after the 2020 presidential election. At the time, there was much uncertainty surrounding the legitimacy of the election process, especially in Michigan, where several events called into question the slim lead that Joe Biden suddenly and inexplicitly had over Donald Trump. These sixteen electors decided to create a “backup” slate of electors in case any of the anomalies questioned were treated with the fairness and justice they deserved. Their vote served as a contingency plan – not a felony.

Here are just some of the election issues that were uncovered in Michigan during the 2020 presidential election calling into serious doubt whether Joe Biden had won:

  • Voting machines in Antrim County were programmed incorrectly and tallied votes for Biden instead of Trump.
  • Cardboard sheets covered the windows of the TCF Center in Detroit, which did not allow Republican observers to monitor the counting process.
  • Vote counting unexplainably stopped in Michigan and all the swing states overnight.
  • A suspicious minivan with Indiana license plates pulled up to a Detroit satellite voting center three hours after the polls closed and dropped off what looked like boxes of absentee ballots.
  • The 2020 Michigan presidential vote curve showed an unnatural spike in votes for Biden after the counting ceased and the questionable boxes were dropped off.
  • Initially, the vote was not certified in Wayne County as the poll books did not match the vote tallies.

No wonder the electors were motivated to cast a “backup” slate of electors in case the election was contested. They would have been derelict in their duty if they had not. This procedure has a historical precedent set in Hawaii during the 1960 presidential election. You may also recall that after the 2016 election, a group of celebrities put together a video encouraging the Trump electors to vote for Hilary Clinton. Neither of these two groups of people were rounded up like common criminal and charged with felonies. American citizens used to have the right to question elections and redress the government if they had grievances. Apparently, this is no longer allowed in the Marxist States of America.

On top of all this, the electors from Michigan are mostly older (average age 69) and appear to be regular everyday folks. They now face 85 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. Even if they are acquitted, a lengthy trial would bankrupt them and put their families in financial peril. This whole move is political, with these electors clearly in the crosshairs. Some say that this indictment is designed to prove there was a coordinated attempt by the Trump campaign to ‘take over the government.’ Others claim that similar charges will be coming in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania – coincidently all the battleground states – to prove some coordinated effort.

This is typical of Marxist regimes that often single out people or groups of people to make an example of them. They will be publicly shamed and ruined unless they decide to flip and implicate others within their group, including members of the Trump campaign. It is also a clear signal to anyone else out there who is supporting Trump that you may become a target as well. This move is also designed as a psychological operation to demoralize the rest of us. If we step out of line, voice an opinion, challenge the narrative, or dare to criticize the regime; they will come after us too.

Think for a minute what these electors were trying to do – put Trump back into office so we might have a chance at regaining our sovereignty as a country and be able to fight the scourge of the Marxist left better with their: open borders that foster the depravity of human trafficking; policies allowing for abortion procedures up until the moment of birth; drag queens and pornographic LGBT books in our schools; the sexualization of children; transgender advocacy for minors; Stasi organizations like the DOJ and FBI profiling and arresting school parents and pro-life leaders; perversion and destruction of our military; runaway inflation; continued payments to Ukraine which have only served to escalate the war with Russia. These are all parts of the radical Biden agenda. The elector’s cause was indeed a noble one.

Please pray for these people, and if so, be motivated to donate to their legal defense as some have set up appeals on Give Go Send. 

Here is the complete list of the electors:

  • Kathy Berden, 70, of Snover
  • William (Hank) Choate, 72, of Cement City
  • Amy Facchinello, 55, of Grand Blanc
  • Clifford Frost, 75, of Warren
  • Stanley Grot, 71, of Shelby Township
  • John Haggard, 82, of Charlevoix
  • Mari-Ann Henry, 65, of Brighton
  • Timothy King, 56, of Ypsilanti
  • Michele Lundgren, 73, of Detroit
  • Meshawn Maddock, 55, of Milford
  • James Renner, 76, of Lansing
  • Mayra Rodriguez, 64, of Grosse Pointe Farms
  • Rose Rook, 81, of Paw Paw
  • Marian Sheridan, 69, of West Bloomfield
  • Ken Thompson, 68, of Orleans
  • Kent Vanderwood, 69, of Wyoming

In an ironic twist, Nessel, during a press conference announcing the indictments, said, “The False Electors’ actions undermined the public’s faith in the integrity of our elections.” No, what has undermined the public’s faith is the brazen and bold efforts of the Democrat Party.

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