Children Are Harmed by Transgenderism -Part 1

Children with gender dysphoria, a rare psychological condition where someone experiences confusion and discomfort about their true biological sex, are being abused by the adults in their lives. These children have become human guinea pigs to the delight of the radical left. Puberty blockers and cross sex hormones are often prescribed to children with gender dysphoria. There have been no long-term scientific studies on the consequences of administering these chemicals over a series of years to developing brains and bodies.

The American College of Pediatrics states that “…cross sex hormones put youth at an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, blood clots and cancers, across their lifespan.” You can see their entire referenced article here on the harmful effects of transgender therapies. Yet without any pause or caution to study the possible side effects of these so-called therapies, unethical adults look the other way as a generation of children are being irrevocably harmed.

Parents in conflict who seek assistance to cope with a child exhibiting gender dysphoria are met with untested and possibly life altering therapies from the professionals in the medical field and the fear that their child may express suicidal ideation if not allowed to persist in their delusion from woke therapists, counselors and even some pastors. But why are the incidents of gender dysphoria suddenly seem to be on the rise? Why are so many children now confused about their sexual identities?

We need only to look at the public education system for our answer. Leftist educators are indoctrinating students with transgender ideology in schools all over the country. Teachers and counselors are encouraging children as young as 5 or 6 to explore the lie that a person’s biological sex can be chosen.

Early childhood teachers read pro trans picture books to gullible students and then conduct classroom discussions about how each child gets to “decide” what sex they want to be. There have even been “coming out parties” where a classmate magically turns into someone else with another name and appearance seemingly overnight. In some cases, schools are helping students socially transition during the school day without parental approval or knowledge.

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