The Infiltrated Educational System

The Grooming of Society Through Education

Bella Dodd, a card-carrying member of the American Communist Party describes in a memoir, School of Darkness, her infiltration of both the Catholic church and the educational system. Dodd was active promoting communist ideology in these institutions from 1920 – 1949.  Through the grace of God and a friendship with Bishop Fulton Sheen, Dodd eventually came back to the Catholic faith of her childhood when she began questioning the party’s dictatorial methods and erroneous claims of building a better world. Her straying from the party’s line resulted in a continuous harassment throughout her converted life.

In 1952, during congressional testimony, Dodd admitted that there were about 1,000 communist professors and teachers like herself in the New York City area alone. They were employed by educational institutions like Columbia, Vassar and New York University. Dodd also named other prestigious institutions as being infiltrated by communists: Wellesley, Harvard, MIT, and Northwestern.

Dodd estimated that only one communist leaning professor could influence approximately 300 future teachers in a single semester, who would in turn, go on to influence countless younger students studying under them. The infiltration was both exponential and self-propagating, a method which continues to this day. The communist message taught to future teachers today is never about the heavy- handed and deadly policies of communism, rather it is disguised as compassion and social justice, making the pitch much more palatable to the naïve student teacher. Who isn’t for compassion and social justice?  The problem is there is no such thing as real compassion and justice in communist manifestos, only power and control, and death if necessary.  

The fruits of the 1950’s promoting the communist orthodoxy are evident today and are being promoted in public and private schools all across the country, even in more conservative and red states. The blatant grooming of impressionable children to accept without question, lest they be humiliated, the social agendas of LGBTQ, critical race theory, and climate change.

By turning social justice and compassion on its head through continuous propaganda, non-belief of the current social thought makes any the opposer seem like an uncaring and selfish person. Therefore, any faithful person who believes in only two genders, created at birth by God, is a de facto homophobe, bigot and racist.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at some of the goals of the communists related to education and read into the Congressional record in 1963. They were established as the necessary underpinnings needed to eventually take over the United States. The same tactics are being used today as they were in the 1950’s and 60’s.

As you can see the communist takeover of America is in full swing and thriving. The downfall of morals and denegation of the family has been successfully orchestrated by communist operatives. We have been groomed over a series of years to accept these outrageous acts. 

Hopefully now, more of what you are currently witnessing in our culture is beginning to make a lot more sense. In a follow up article, we will examine the connection between communism and demonic influences in public schools and universities, and what we can do to combat this.

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