Reason Reigns Supreme

In our continuing series on the grooming of society, we highlighted the grooming going in our educational system along with the century long attack on the family. We would be remiss not to mention the continual grooming of society without mentioning the attack on human reason which also has profound repercussions. 

Reason In Everything but Human Identity and Sex

Out of all created reality, human beings are the only beings on earth who have been given the gift of rational thought or reason. The faith has always taught and maintained the human person has two facilities uniquely human: reason and free will which informs a person how to act in ways which are beneficial to his existence. Any sane person does not go without food or water for an extended length of time, why? Because starving yourself is unreasonable.  But what happens when human reason is distorted, perverted or downplayed? Then perhaps, starving yourself may seem not so unreasonable.  Denying reality does not enhance a person’s freedom, it only acts as a catalyst for his destruction. No one wants an engineer who is defiant to the laws of nature building any bridge over a span of water.     

In his latest piece, Dennis Prager writes, “At the time in their lives when most people are the most easily indoctrinated — approximately ages 18 to 22 — young Americans hear only one message: If you want to be a rational person, you must abandon religion and embrace secularism.” He, as do we, contend the message taught in colleges and universities is the exact opposite of reason.    

It does, however, explain what was unreasonable in the recent past has become reasonable to some now.  How reasonable is it to think you are your own creator having the power to change your gender from male to female by just saying so? How reasonable is it to kill another human being to save you from some perceived future discomfort? How reasonable is to convince yourself children can be sexualized before they even reach the age of puberty? The intelligentsia teach your children reason is above all except when it comes to human purpose and identity, then the secular nonrational thought takes charge.

The students are encouraged to have some sort of bifurcated lives, first by elevating their reason in destroying any semblance of religious thought and belief as incongruent with reason. On the other hand, they are taught to apply only their feelings to matters of their sexuality and human purpose.  How many people have you spoken to lately who have used the phrase, “I feel this or I feel that.”  I feel I am a woman, therefore I am. Nothing could be more irrational.

By using emotion and feeling as the basis of understanding one’s identity, not only leads to lunacy but has a far-reaching consequence of separating the human being from a greater reality than himself—the eternal law which governs the whole universe.  It is a law called “natural” because each person through their own reason comes to know the divine law meant as gift to humanity to prosper. By promoting irrationality in matters of identity and sex, is a way in which the secular world can eliminate God and the law he gives to help human beings flourish.   

God’s gift of freedom means an individual can reject his offer, even reason, if he so desires. The rejection of right reason hurts the person when it was meant to help and bring happiness to human life.  You can tell yourself over and over again that gravity doesn’t feel right. You can do it over and over again if you wish. But the moment you jump off a ten-story building because you feel you can, will soon show you the effects of your non rational decision as the cement sidewalk comes into clearer focus. 

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