The Grooming of a Society

Report: 600 Chicago Public School Students were victims of abuse

A shocking report from the Inspector General of the Chicago Public Schools indicated more than 600 verified instances where authority figures within the Chicago school district either groomed, engaged or raped their students. With that many victims, it is hard to believe the story is not front and center in the national conversation. One reason it is not is because the evil of using children as sexual objects has been introduced long ago and mostly without any challenge.  Society has slowly become accustom to such perversion.

A lot of people don’t realize or have the time to investigate the “grooming” going on in schools. A civilized society can no longer be ignorant of the facts of abuse and sit by idly and accept the evil which has infiltrated and destroyed innocent human lives. The first step which has to occur is a recognition that society, in general, is being groomed by evil forces by demanding some level of acceptance of such deviant lifestyles, lest they be bigots.  The threat is backed up by the fear of a lost job, cancellation or being labeled a hater which has all contributed to the grooming of the average person to become ambivalent to the issue of child abuse.

In the not-so-distant past, social norms were accepted by the majority of citizens because those norms and laws were intended to defended and protect children, understood then as the most vulnerable in society along with the elderly. Those past safeguards are constantly being challenged and eroded daily by the constant messaging of the progressive moment having their sights set on the destruction of the innocence of children. Anyone opposing the radicalization of family, or sexualization of minors are quickly labeled as homophobes, racist, supremacists, haters and heaven knows how many more pejorative terms they come up with. There is no glee whatsoever to say, the 600 victims are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are. You can count on there being many more abused children to come.

The consequence of social grooming has prepared a culture to accept without any serious objection, 600 underaged students to be abused in just one city in America.  Shame on us!

Good Moral Compasses will devote next Tuesday and Thursday’s posts on January 17 & 19, 2023 to explain the methods behind the radical societal change working to desensitize the average Joe into being less shocked, and less incentivized to fight the demon of child endangerment.   

Here are some of the methods used to groom society:

  • The attack of fatherhood
  • The dismantling of the family
  • The push for a culture devoid of any religion or recognition of natural law
  • The inappropriate sexualization of children in public schools along with the help of explicit materials found in local and public libraries juvenile sections
  • The normalization of the LGBTQ agenda by promoting promiscuous sexual encounters with adults and children
  • The ‘drag queen’ phenomenon directed at children meant to mock the metaphysical and biological reality of only two genders: male and female
  • The hypocrisy of tolerance and compassion
  • Abortion without restriction as a women’s health right

The fight for good and evil is real, and the victims today are those poor 600 students, tomorrow it will be more. No longer can we sit on the sidelines and be observers when children are now systematically being abused.

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